3 Sisters! Not Like Any!

I have three sisters and i am different to every single one of them!
My eldest sister is a wannabe (in a nice way!)
She tries so hard to fit in with the fashions, styles attitude etc but it just doesn't work! she tries to hang about like the celebs do n that just doesn't work!

she also has many boyfriends on the go to prove that she still can get them n prove shes not ugly! (shes not!)

But i know i could go out n get a guy if i wanted but i don't parade around trying to get guys to prove to myself that I'm pretty! i don't particularly think i am but I'm all about going out for me, not trying to fit in with fashions, styles etc! i don't act like a celeb! i just go out with my girls n enjoy myself!!!

My older sister is a smack head at the min! she has had her children taken off her and 2 of them have turned against her and don't want anything to do with her! they are 11 n 16!!!

She blames everyone else for her mistakes! usually me! she blamed me for her starting on the drugs! i think she forgot i wasn't even born when she started using!!!

Whereas i would never use at all! i would be a good parent n i hate seeing my nieces hate there mum so much but because they hate her they love me even more as i have become more of a mother figure to them as i see them more than her n actually care about them!
Her eldest actually told me she was pregnant before she told anybody else!!!

If i ever touch wood i don't ever get that low that i become using i would blame only one person n that was myself! i wouldn't rely on everyone else to help me n blame them esp if they weren't even born! i would face up to my responsibilities n get a grip on life!!!

My youngest sister is 3 years younger n she isn't at all like me! She is quiet n shy n doesn't have any idea on what she wants to do in life! she is at college but she doesn't reveal her emotions to anyone except her boyfriend!!!
She gets on better with our mum! she is afraid to take risks, n worries about the consequences!

Where as I'm loud (not in a bad way!) confident! i will take risks in alot of things without thinking of my safety let alone the consequences!!

I tell all my emotions! anyone who's listening n not scared to reveal them!I have a i don't care who knows what or what people think of me! they can like it or lump it i am who i am!!!!

n oh yeah i don't get on very well with mother much more with dad!

But i like that that we are all different i think my parents wouldnt be here if there were 3 others like me!!! =-)
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 3, 2007