Day and Night

My sister is only 16 months older than me. Growing up we HATED each other with a passion. And although we are still like night and day she is my best friend. I unfortunately am the "bad" sister with all the issues and mental illnesses lol. But she has been the one that has helped me though even my darkest hours. She was the one to rescue me from my husband, she was the one to stand by me while i talked to the sprinklers when i had my nervous breakdown...we lovingly call her my psudomom. But although it seems i have taken alot from her and given nothing, I am the one that showed her how to laugh, I am the one who taught her tolerance, I am the one who made her see that people with issues are not monsters. I think we are all here to learn from one another and that is what my sister and i do. She is the grounded, stable, perfect soccer mom and i will always envy her for that. But I have brought freedom, fun, and strength to her.

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thank you!