We Always Have Been

We have always been quite oppisite, but not in every way.


She likes to knit - I like to sew

She dislikes cleaning - I love cleaning

She didn't start working until a few years ago - I have worked since I was 14 (and babysat before that)

She was a tomboy when she was younger - I was the frilly princess dress type


I love that we are opposite because growing up we learned a lot from each other.  If it wasn't her specialty or expertise, she called me, if it wasn't my expertise or specialty, I'd call her.

At least I can count on her leaving the front door unlocked.  (She lives in a remote area and has never had someone break in for the 20 years she has lived there.)  Anyone can drop in anytime!  We can bring food, or just sit and relax until she gets home!  (but no cleaning her house while she is out.....I learned that the hard way!)  Sisters are great! :-)

Yohanna Yohanna
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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

this sounds like the song by Gershwin, except that you ended okay with that difference(s).. :)