Through And Through!

OK.  So...

Pisces, along with the typical traits everyone knows about, are also a combination of all the other zodiac signs.  It's funny to me that we're accused of being complicated and seem to forever be misunderstood when clearly we must be extremely strong and unimaginably wise to be able to handle traits of the entire zodiac. Lol  (I'm kidding.  Mostly ;p).

Seriously, though..
I've had a lot of people with this sign say this very same thing but I can only speak for myself and for me it's just the opposite.  I'm not complicated I just appear to be because what most people keep on the inside I have out in the open for all to see.  What you see is really what you get.  But,  people I've known have a hard time accepting this as fact and choose to see me as scatter brained or indecisive or whatever other negative lable they put on me therefore I become misunderstood as well as being told I'm a complicated mess of a person.  Oh, so frustrating. 

Fellow Picseans...please tell the other signs of the zodiac that what they are seeing is just the thought process that most people keep in their heads.  We are simply thinking out load. 

In fairness I get how this would look a bit disorganized and I admit it's something that I need to work on and really do try but COME ON!  All sign have their less than desirable traits!  Deal with it for funks sake!  Can't people at least try to believe me when I tell them, "It isn't how it looks."  It really isn't.  You are just watching a thought being worked out.  You're seeing the very same process you yourself go through in your mind.  Think about it.  That's all I ask. 

Again, I totally understand how it appears and I'm sure it's nothing short of exhausting to watch and deal with but work with me here!  I am trying to be aware of it and change it.  Gentle reminders would be so much nicer than insults as it's easy for me to take on characteristics of other signs and you might end up paying for it ;p  (That was also a joke...that could become reality)  Lol   I'm kidding!  I probably wouldn't do that but I'm not responsible for other pisceans who are more sure of themselve than I am  :D

I have no idea what I just wrote here. 

KIDDING!!!  I happen to be super smart.  Lol ;p

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I'm the same way :)

Lol. Well, nobody is perfect and since I encompass (and embrace) traits from all the signs I can relate completely and have no room to judge ;p<br />

All the Pices I've ever met have been smart, intuitive, feeling, artistic, and old souls. They are the oldest soul in the zodiac thats why they have so many traits. Like me I'm a Leo. I'm the teenager of the zodiac. Nice huh. :) I can be imature, disobediant, and a goof off. I also can be loyal, fun, loving, determined and Arogant...whoops

If I can't laugh at myself then I'm doomed. Lol ;p

too funny, you're so right.

You are both right! I would never expect anyone to change themselves for me! It seems all we should have to do is show a little understanding and be willing to compromise sometimes in order to co-exist. That doesn't mean change ourselves, but be able to work with other. <br />
<br />
I am who I am but I'm willing to make adjustments if it will benefit other people. Not sure why. I haven't met 1 person willing to do that for me. Lol. Oh, well. <br />
<br />
I'll just keep doing what I feel is right I suppose. You are right, though. What if I need that quality someday and I forget how to do it?! That would completely destroy any chance of an "I told you so" moment. Lol! :)

a good friend of mine wrote a poem long ago about changing yourself and the take away part that she wrote for me was" why must i cut away so much of myself to be saved". as in why do i have to change me so much so you will love me?<br />
i would be careful of how much i changed or got rid of, someday you may need it and won't have it.<br />
the friend i speak of is an amazing woman and poetess that i can only dream of being.<br />
take care and give your son a kiss for me.