Tough Pisces

Are you a pisces? If you are, then I'm 100% sure that your life is all about heartaches. I am a 16 year old pisces , female and a Filipino. I can say that I have been through a lot. A LOT AT A VERY YOUNG AGE.

My mother died when I was 2yrs old, and then my father died next when I was 4. I was at a very young age tho, and those deaths of my parents is just the beginning of my heartaches. It's NEVER EASY to grow up w/o parents to guide you, to give you affection and care that we all pisces are searching for. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister (aquarius). My sister is 17 years older than me, she stands as my guardian and being with her is the most difficult, hardest, sucks part of my life. I always feel that she ****** up my life instead of helping me and be my guide and giving me the support, but what she always do is to shout at me, give rules, and when we fight she always kicks me on my stomach. I always cry myself to sleep.

I have problems with my education too. We'll this is quite personal and this story includes my sister too. She's really mean and all she ever think is how to be rich and buy all she wants while I am the one who suffers. The reason is she tried to fix marriage me to a rich old man. We'll my life really sucks. :"( I totally disagree of course! My broken heart shattered into pieces and that's the beginning of my rebellious character ever since. I always got home drunk, I smoke, I ran away from home many times (4-5times) but I never used drugs thank God.

Throughout my 16 years of existence, I only fell in love once. With a cancer. That kind of love is deep, emotional, true, endless. I was at a very young age then 13. This is a very very very bad experience too. I gave her all I have. Yes it's a HER and it almost killed me. She made me believe that she's a man, and yeah she could be my favorite author of a book and I bet she could beat stephenie meyer for making up stories that she could actually convince u 100%. She made me believe that she was from another town far from my town and that she couldn't come by because of her strict parents. I thought it was a long distance relationship, only to found out that we actually live with same towns and we already met 3times. We only lasted for 1year and 7months, after she broke up with me she keeps coming back and leaves afterwards. That made me such a lonely duck waiting for her prince charming to come back. I always cry myself to sleep, almost every night. I only found out last month NOVEMBER 2012 that there's no man, I am not loving a man, I just dreamed and fantasized for 3years. I've just been fooled by a crazy lesbian. She never said sorry. I cursed her for that. I rejected all my suitors thinking that I already found my prince. But it's all just a dream. I want to move on. I wish not all cancers are like her.

I would be glad to read your comment below. :)
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Pisces here. I also grew up too fast. <3