Dream Within A Dream

this is my dream : I was having so much fun with a guy and then we cam to a place were there were so many nipa huts and beautiful lights and he was a gentleman, He helps me sit and all that. It seems like i really really like him. Then as we were looking for a nipa hut to date in, In the other nipa hut was my guy bestfriend. I was trying to make him jealous and it was working he was staring at us with sadness in his eyes even though he has a date. In the dream, I had feelings for the two guys but maybe something deeper with my best friend. i really don't remember. My best friend was a little dorky but really handsome for me, And that guy with musical talent was awesome, You know the popular type. And everytime that guy was trying to play the guitar for me there was always something interrupting him, But we were happy and then his dad hates me. Then after that. At the other nipa hut was my first love he was staring at the sky, and i waved hello to him but he became mad at me. Then I was staring at the guy smiling but also at my bestfriend. Then I woke up BUT i was still in a dream because it was A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM. As i was saying when I woke up i was trying to look for the 2 guys or at least dream it again. The dream ends up with me in a vat of chocolate and my friend was evil, then I really woke up. I was having that dream for years now, Different guys and ending. But still same concept. PLEASE INTERPRET IT, Its really bothering me.
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13-15, F
Nov 13, 2012