It Wasn't Me.

But it always is. It gets kind of stressful when everything is always you. I told my grandmother one day why is it always my fault? She laughed and said it's not. No more than twenty minutes later does my Uncle who was staying with us at the time start yelling and says well Sarah must have done it. I was not even home. I was at the library. It just proved my point of everything is always me. I have learned to be quiet at all times. If I do say something I am automatically yelled at. My favorite line is your a child mind your own business. But when will I not be considered a child anymore? I turn 22 this year.  I am the most mature one in the family. It is kind of ridiculous when your mother gets mad at you and calls you mom to be sarcastic but then deep down you feel like her mother instead of the other way around. I really want to get a good paying job save up and move to Ireland. Just get away from everyone. I am so stressed out all the time it's not funny.
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May 21, 2012