True To Myself

This is my second attempt, I thought for anyone to understand to post snippets of problem area. Now when looking at it I don't have to explain myself. The big picture will always be there and the snippets don't give a true picture. All I know is I am at the point that it is no longer my problem. I have rights to keep my children safe from mind games and that I needn't force my true self onto the people who have made judgements on what they believe is "true". Toxic people seem to close ranks as a power game and are able to twist any situation to fit their perception. It annoys me when no matter how far I have come and learnt about myself (my own flaws) they insist on sticking to their self-righteousness. I didn't think they gossiped but their actions prove me wrong.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2012

I guess the word for it is bittersweet. The moment when we just give up, when we accept that these people are what they are, and they have the right to stay that way. It really is liberating. The sticky spider web ties are finally cut, we accept the fact that being in relationship with these people simply, always, sucks. And we fly away to explore the rest of the universe, and find and enjoy our true relatives.