I Can Relate

My story is alittle different because my parents aren't alcoholics or anything. They have good jobs and they're financially stable but emotionally, my family is completely messed up and I am often the scapesgoat. Last week, during thanksgiving I was blamed for the hair in the drain which btw is black, my hair is blonde. I was blamed when my sisters tv broke, even though I didn't touch it. I was blamed when the printer broke, which I hardly used. If something happens, I know I'm going to be blamed. I don't have a good relationship with any of my siblings, despite my efforts. My older brother is so psychologically messed up, he told me on thanksgiving he hopes I die of cancer because I locked him out of my room. My father has physically abused me since I was younger. He kicked me in the leg and punched me for going to a party. Meanwhile, my older brother was sitting there laughing and smiling the whole time I was sitting there crying in pain. I had to wear tights to cover the huge bruise on my leg. There are things my other siblings do that I would never get away with without being yelled at or punched. At what point does the blame stop? and how am I expected to have a normal relationship with anyone if I can't even have one with my own family?
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Man, your family hates you. Do you tell them off? I would. Call the police, I would get the hell out of that place and don't send a Christmas card. Are you sure you are not an adopted child?
Or are you the black sheep in any way be it career wise or anything? There has to be a reason why they do **** like this.