Small Amount Of Hatred From A Sister I Love Dearly

It was a sunny afternoon, yesterday, and I was so happy until I went to see

my sister Dusty at her salon. Dusty's bathroom had burned a little bit a few days ago.

Dusty's hair salon had a beautiful bathroom , all done in pink. Some candles were

lit for decoration and their were some paper towels there. The paper towels burned,

and the black ashes went on to the pink wall. The wax from the beautiful white candles

went onto the toilet and onto the shelves. It was truly a mess. One of Dusty's workers

by the name of Suzanne went to help out and I went to clean the bathroom. I meant well

and did as much as I could until the other worker came. Yesterday, my sister Dusty

asks me why I through water onto Suzanne's head while she was cleaning the bathroom. I

am not the type of person to through water on to any body's head. I was surprised that after

such hard work Dusty could accuse me of such wrong doing. She knows me better, and

how could she take Suzanne's word over my word. Ofcourse, I screamed . I told my sister

Dusty, how can she believe Suzanne, I was working hard cleaning the bathroom and I

might have spilled accidently water onto Dusty, but it was done by mistake. It just shows

that whatever I do for my family, they never truly never appreicate me and cut me down. In the

end I ended up appologizing to Dusty for screaming. I forgive Dusty. Dusty has always

been there for me. She took me to a therapist when I was severly depressed many years

ago. So , one should not hold grudges for one bad thing. Dusty and I love each other,

and we will not let a burned pink bathroom come between us.

NastyZIK NastyZIK
51-55, F
Dec 4, 2012