My Family Treats Me Like They Hate Me

my mother never took care of me, but insists she did. i have had a rare infectious disease (which was cured) when i was a baby because a homeless woman coughed in my face. i drank poison. i was always sick. i always missed school. she never bought me clothes. i had to teach myself how to do laundry. she forgot to feed me. i had weak points in my bones which have broken since they were discovered. i would run away and she wouldn't even look for me. i tucked myself in. ... I don't think it is necessary to go on. when i bring this up, my mother blames me for being too secretive or bad at elaborating that i was having seizures ... like a 6 year old knows how to describe seizures!

my sister used to say nasty things to me. she stole my things. she wrecked my clothes and was so messed up that she would put rash causing agents in our (nice) sister's bed

my brother does no wrong in my mother's eyes ... from a young age, he stole from my dad. he does coke and other drugs and never moved out.

my mother hated my sister for years and i always defended her. it made me despise my mother that she was never a loving mother - even from a very young age. i eventually broke down from my mother's incessant disrespect, lost my temper and moved out and was estranged. i called her a lush ... which she was. I also called her out for blaming me for her being overweight. I wasn't nice and I am not proud of it.

i came to get my mail and she literally started slapping me. i had to push her away with my foot to get away from being cornered. I was injured. i sprained my shoulder and I called the cops.

she told me i made her hit me. she told our family i behaved badly and she regularly lobbies against me with our relatives. my horrible sister - who I believe is a psychopath because she burned our house down once "by mistake" when she was in her 20s, she left the poison out when I was a baby and putting rash causing stuff in people's clothes as a child is a sure fire sign, jumped right on it.

now ... I am still the villain. meanwhile my mother is leading my poor father to financial ruin, my sister is A MOTHER and I am still viewed as the crazy one? seriously????

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Jan 10, 2013