Scapegoating Victims Unite!

I read  story from one  person saying  we past scapegoating  victims  should get together and  share  by   forming a group.  Count me in!     Where are you?    Send me  a blog or private e-mail. I'll   be happy  to reply!

Seafarer22 Seafarer22
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thank goodness there are those who do accept your husband for his good points. Try to emphasize relationships with them. Minimize those with others It's their loss. You don't need those people who always want to see only negative.

I am not actually the scapegoat the scapegoating is going to my husband who happens to have a mental illness that causes some irritibility occasionally. These moments have been exaggerated and sensatonalized by my brother and his wife. I believe it is due to my not fitting into the role they exect of me. I am pretty independent. My husband is a wonderful person and is very giving. He has a relationship with my father that my brother has never been able to have. Hence the problem.