GET Me to the Church On Time!

..My Baby is getting Married

..In two weeks she'll be a Mrs!

..It will be such a day,so many kisses

..I wish her a lifetime of love!


My baby is getting married

She has been my best friend

I will,I know,miss her so much

but i wll love her to the end!


My baby is getting married'

And for this one day only

I am so very proud to say

I will be there to give her AWAY!!


mzdivine mzdivine
4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Thank you so much,Jojo!<br />
<br />
I'm not promising I won't cry!!

Congratulations to you and your daughter! She is very fortunate to have a father as loving and selfless as you!<br />
Enjoy your happy but poignant day. Don't cry too much!<br />
I wish you all the best!<br />

Thank you for your wishes,rdt!<br />
<br />
It will be a day ne'er to forget!

Congrats to both you and your daugher. There is something so special about the bond a father and daugher have. My daddy has been gone for almost 5 years now, and there is not a day that goes by that don't miss him. Have a special father-daughter dance and enjoy the moment.