My Childhood

 Just a  bit about my childhood which was difficult but then not the worst. There was  constant physical punishment for things I  or my sister never did, brutal negative put downs, mostly from a tyranical father who was very religious. That was shoved down our throats and since adulthood I have barely put a foot into a church and am now an agnostic. I was expected to do chores every single day, with no thanks and never given a penny for my efforts. Physical and mental abuse was commonplace. My self esteem was shattered as well as my brother and sister who remained  at home too long, a prison more than a home. They have become failures, no career, no ambition, landed in jail for shop lifting or sexual misconduct, depended on others for financial support. They had children who now have problems and basically don't get along with one another, as we didn't either. History repeats itself. I never had children for fear of this repetition but worked hard to make something of myself, got a college degree, (little help from family), had interesting careers, left home at 19 and grew up fast. I married foreigners and now live in Europe, far away from this dysfunctional family, and so much more better for it, mentally and physically.

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So am I and thank you justantohergirl!

:) i am glad you were able to get awayfrom that!