I Am the Finace of a Navy Man Overseas

Hello, my name is Hillary and i am a fiance to a man named Drew who is overseas in a country named Bahrain. we have been together for about 4 years. i am 18 right now and he is 20, but we met when i was 14 and he was 16. Drew has been in Bahrain for about 1 1/2!!! he has come home on leave once since he has been over there! I miss him terribly! and we plan to get married very soon! I am in college right now, and i am trying to figure out how i am going to finish college and live with him at his next station. his next station will probably be in italy, and i do not know of any colleges that i can get my degree at over there. i am haivng problems finding out any information about anything! and it is very frustrating!!We are very in love, and i Miss him so very much!

HillaryG HillaryG
Mar 12, 2009