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Ah, the bandana, it may be the perfect accessory. It is truly amazing how one diagonal fold followed with a sturdy knot can enrich and empower one's life. An aura of strength and mystique engulfs you, you are oblivious to fear and doubt, and the subtle sense of menacing strength is an effective warning to all who may oppose you. So come one and all, join the Bandit, become a part of the Bandana Nation!
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4 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Ah..a man in bandana. I must say there's nothing like it. :D

I have always thought a man in a bandana was very, very sexy.

Blessed be and may she bless you also sir. :) Please feel free to add and talk to me if you wish.

the mystery is the face behind the bandanna..hint hint ;p

Tyrrmack is a she! I told ya!

i'll be waiting!

Uh okay.. I'm going out to kick some rock. ;)

*bl<x>inks* i have tons of bandanas ..... *thinks this over*

oh dear....

oh my gawd