Interesting ...

do people still play by these rules?

is this part of playing hard to get or something?

sorry, I've never played those games ... if I want something or someone I just come out and say it ... or make it happen.

perhaps that's what they meant by describing me as precocious on my school report when I was 12 ... haha

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I don't mind a bit of default sex now and again anyhow TOCIS ... lol!!<br />
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I agree, we surround ourselves with unnecessary taboos ... it's really crazy when you think about it ... I'm not the shy type ... never have been.

thanks for the comment mikahel ... two is pretty good going anyhow - nothing to worry about!! lol

You know, after reading the title of this post and then reading the story, I have to say I have encountered only two women in my life that actually pursued me in order to get what they wanted as opposed to me doing the 'chasing'.<br />
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That is actually very sad now that I think of it. I must really be ugly or those two chicks were either blind or desperate. ha ha.

Definitely lame, matt ...

I LOATHE having to text girls first. In fact, i once dumped a girl because i felt like everytime we interacted, i initiated it. I had to text her, i had to call her, or i had to invite her. It wasn't that she didn't like me, she just thought it was my 'place' to decide when and what to talk about. LAME!

Think of all the poeple one could meet by simply saying "hello" and having a polite conversation. And what is wrong with sending a simple text..."just wondering how you are doing?" Jeez... all of these new devices for communication and people are still afraid to talk?<br />
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I'm with you on this one WIB!

When I was young, the culture was very different from what it's like now....Both men and women enjoyed "the game".. There was such a thing as courtship and romance....Flirting---what fun that was, for both sexes...."Some enchanted evening....." was a would see a stranger across a crowded room....your eyes would meet....he'd ask you to dance--or cut in while you were dancing with someone else....Talk about was fun and exciting to be a rebel in those days because there were strong RULES to rebel against LOL. "Playing hard to get." Women weren't playing. They were hard to get. If a man wanted one--he had to pursue her....I remember saying to a man who was diligently pursuing me, "I love the chase." His reply was " And I love the hunt".. What fun it was to flirt with him....and that's all it was-- a lasted for years. Both men and women loved to dance---and we did a lot of it...The way we related to each other was a kind of dance.....

Exactly sg ... if someone wants a doormat they'd better look somewhere else!!!

I totally agree! Who would want to date a dude who only wanted to be with a doormat anyway.... anyone I love (OK, ok, so I'm not looking at dudes these days anyway, but I DID date men, and this would go for women I would date now too) would HAVE to want a woman with her own mind and who is comfortable making her wished known. If I want to talk to someone, I call them. (Or txt or whatever.... ) Why would I wait???

yes, wtf indeed. I agree. I would have agonised with things like this when I was younger - should I ring him ... should I ask him out ... should I make the first move ... and so on ... but not any more ... too old and wise for that these days!! I know some men are put off by an assertive woman ... but then they wouldn't be interested in me anyway! So best left well alone if it's a problem for them! Say what you want, make it clear ... don't play games ... I find life's more fun that way!

So true! But that's the kind of crap that some women seem to be willing to put up with when they take this "You gotta do it first" stuff. I mean, it's so passive-aggressive. It's like, "I DEMAND THAT YOU BE THE ASSERTIVE ONE!" I mean, WTF?

haha SG ... well it makes the whole game even more ridiculous - you'd never get anywhere!!

I mean... "I'm the girl and you're the girl... so neither of us will txt first".... ummmm... hmmmmm... doesn't quite work, does it!

Definitely Michelle!!<br />
Of course not SG .. as if ... haha<br />
thanks ptman!!

i love your style WB, I wish more women were like you. just come get what you want. It might walk away.

Of course, this whole experience group has nothing to do with me.... LOL!

being shy never gets you anywhere does it sappy? I'm all in favour of a bit of rebellion now and again!!

well I must be a bold girl ndd ...

I've grown up to be quite rebellious. A rule breaker I am. Now pass me those phone numbers ... lol.

Those rules are for fools! I'm with you WIB, if I see possibilities I act on them regardless of the social norm. {but then I'm just passin thru}