Just some advice needed. My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months (not long I know). He's always lived about an hour away so I'm used to semi-long distance but we saw each other most weekends.

He has recently started his police training (in the UK) and is exceptionally busy. We still speak every day but the contact is obviously less often and I'm finding it hard.

I know he has to revise and whatever but I'm getting a bit paranoid about him straying. I have issues with jealousy, and although I trust him, every time he doesn't answer his phone I assume he's with someone else. He's never done anything to make me think that and when we do talk he's very reassuring, always tells me he loves me and really is trying to make an effort to make time. He came to see me this weekend to surprise me and although the time was short it was lovely to be with him. We laughed and joked together and it felt normal. I guess I have two questions if anyone would be willing to give some advice;

Is it normal for a training police officer to be so busy?

How can I get rid of the feelings of paranoia and jealousy as I don't want to accuse him or push him away.

Please help :(
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same! how are you guys doing now?