I am a girlfriend to a brand new, young police officer. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 and a half years and have plans to get engaged and married as soon as I finish school. He recently joined on as a police officer for a department and is only 21 and is the youngest on his force. He has only been working there for a few weeks. As I hear all of his stories, while they may be exciting, I cannot help but be extremely worried about him. For those of you have been with a cop for a while, does it get any easier? Everyday that he works, I am a nervous wreck. I wake up with my stomach in knots and worry about his safety all day. I know I will probably always worry, but does it ever get easier to see him go off to work and not be a wreck?
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My boyfriend is also 21 and a cop, and we have been dating for the same amount of time! At first I was really worried all the time but then you get used to it. Remember, he trained for this and knows how to survive. Also, to make you feel better, he probably isn't on the streets his whole shift. He probably does paperwork at the station for a good portion of his shift too so no need to worry :)

Part of you will always worry, but try not to. He will be safe and he loves you!

I'm a cop. Don't worry, it's all great fun! Also challenging. He is not worried, have faith.