2 Months Into Our First Deployment Together

well i havent written on here in FOREVER!  the first month was def the hardest. working alot makes it a lil easier i started my new job the day he was leaving. woke up a lil early that morning with a sad voicemail from him thinkin he had already left nd i had let him leave while i was angry at him..i instantly balled my eyes out for like an hour tryna call him. he texted me while i was on my break nd it got all better instantly. then not knowing how much we would talk would upset me..i heard from him a like twice before he actually got to afghan, nd then when he was there for 2 or 3 weeks he walked 5 miles to another camp just to see if i was online..amazing. that he would do soo much for so little time with me. then someone mentioned something harmless about the military at work nd i instantly started crying i couldnt even fight it..now we talk everyday nd i love every minute it takes to read his emails or when he calls about two or three times a week. that time is untouchable. the past few days hes been mentioning gettin married like if i would. or if i can see myself marrying him. omg  all i wanna do is spend forever with him. for about 2 or 3 weeks he was in the worst mood over there i so wanted to give up but then he turned around like a miracle nd has been the amazing man i fell in love with since then...he started filling out the packet to become a Drill instructor when he gets back nd that ill be moving to down there to live with him..now im 20 nd hes 24 nd we both have no idea how or what to expect but ne one who does omg ill so appreciate the insight. he met my mom nd lil brothers when he was here for valentines day nd they love him but i was soooooo scared to introduce him to my dad...nd my dad had said today that he isnt gonna be nice at all when i asked him if he would be if i introduced them beings that justin really wants to do the whole thing right with every aspect of our relationship. my dad would never agree to let me marry him even if he is the love of my life. its sooo hard..like i really want them to be alright he says that he hates him for trying to lure me away to south carolina. nd that wasnt even the case...justin asked me if i wanted to move there to really begin the next step in our relationship after a year of dating! i said yes nd stand by my decision 100 percent im going becuz i want to be with him i want to go nd see what its like nd theres no doubt that i wont absolutly love it..my dad thru a fit in walmart today saying about if i move thats the end of our relationship. i wanted to cry.! everything thats happened with my dad lately i dont wanna let go its not like i wont visit home often. but its about time that i move out nd forward with my own life noones abandoning him. im his only child why would he say that!!! sure he doesnt wanna  let me go..but come on..you havent even met the guy like he treats me like a queen nd almost worships the ground i walk on thats the man i love ,. my lil inch of happiness with him..my mom is all too okay with it she was uneasy at first but she loves justin nd has seen the way he treats me nd now shes happy for me especially since she'll be able to see him as her son in law now..another addition to our huge family...and now our relationship is close to perfect even on his deployment! five months left nd we both cant wait....ive never been happier in my life i thank god for everything everyday im so glad i let him back in my life..for sending me justin. i see him as a gift from god like we're so alike..yet different. at the same time..ive never been more sure of ne thing in my life. turning 21 in a year justins all too okay with me partying like a 21 should but i dont even want to if i can be at home with him..nd since he just chose this new job i can still enjoy the club nd him at the same time..im really afraid to move tho...beings that all my family nd friends are here nd my co worker that i talk to alot nd get alot of advice from told me that with my great personality i should have tons in no time..it shouldnt be a problem finding them..now im gonna transfer my job down there so it keeps me busy when he isnt home..nd i wnt go mad..

nenababyy08 nenababyy08
18-21, F
Apr 27, 2010