<3 Yay <3

soo i came home from school to a letter from randy !!!! :)

i thought it was bad then i opened and read it

it said he missed me and hes heart is mine

and he cant wait to see me when he gets back

and if im not waiting hes going to beat me up lol

and how much he hates it there

and wants to come home to me

and how he agures wit his drill instructers

and how he wants me to write back asap

awwww as soon as i opended it i cryeddd

because i acually feel like im not going to lose him to his ex

but i dnt knw for sure

gave me hope

i love him <3 and im sending his letter out wednesday moringgg

ughhh the wait wasss well worth it :)Briitt&Randy

hopefully him loving and missing me willl last tho :(

sweetbubble44 sweetbubble44
2 Responses May 3, 2010

awwww see there and tell him stop arguing with the DI's don't he's gonna be on the quater deck alotttt lol

oh it will but sometimes they stop expressing it as much but the feelings are there im happy for you. That is great news, i figured it would be ok it is stressful though i know and every little thing puts you on edge. Good job hanging in there though im proud of you.