Got Great News Happy Day.

So if you read any of my previous stories me and my marine wanted to get married but there were lots of complications with me moving out there school and so on so we were talking today and his squad leader was talking to the squas and said i know some of you guys are planning on getting married and he said raise your hands if you are and so mine did along with like four or five others and he asked them when and they told him after deployment. He told them they should before because if they trust us and they want to they shouldnt wait and that they would get more money now to have saved up to start our lives together so he is thinking about it again and im very excited we arent having the ceremony till he comes home though and we are doing it in october he is my high school sweet heart and i feel a huge connection with him i still love him more and more each day after three years it is such a blessing to have him in my life and i cant think of another man i wanna spend the rest of my life with. He is great and he makes me so happy i am willing to wait any amount of time for him because he is worth it to me. :)

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Wow, he actually told them to get married before deployment? I have never heard of anyone saying that. They told my Marine to wait until after deployment because most of the Marines get cheated on. That's exciting for you though! My Marine is my high school sweetheart too :)

congratulations it is so exciting and im scared at the same time, nervous really because i know once i move to hawaii i will be alone most of the time but i have a year to adjust to being alone so thats good right now i am at home and i am extremely close with my family so it will be hard to move away from them.

well :) me and my marine are probabally going to be getting married in august! i am in my freshman year of college.. but i am still going to make sure that i get my degree.. as much as i love my marine i fell like i have to get my degree because that is something impotant to me.. <br />
CONGRATS gril!!! and good luck with everything!

aww thank you. you to we are gonna go to the court house and sign the paper and all but we are also going to do the big ceremony because my mom wants me to have one she wants to help plan it and everything i have always wanted a wedding ceremony though so im excited for that part of it to

Hello,<br />
Me and my marine have been dating for 3 years as well! He is also my high school sweet heart! We also have been debating getting married! I decided that i will quit school after my summer semester and get married so we can start our life together! He is the most important thing in my life and he is so far away right now i just can not wait! We are not going to have a big ceremony we are going to go to the court house and just do it there with the close family that we have! I wish you all the best!