My Boyfriend Just Left For Boot Camp

It has been a really long time since I have been on here so I am going to just give a quick over view on myself again. I am 24 years old. My boyfriend Trey and I have been together for a year and half. He decided to join the Marines right after we started dating. That at first was a shock I never thought that I would be one of those Military gf's but here I am. You never know where life is gonna take you that's for sure. He was in the delayed entry program do to the fact that he had a messed up shoulder so he had surgery on it a year ago and they had to wait for it to heal before he could swear in and get approved by MEPS. Well here we are a year after his shoulder and He is gone.

     We drove him over on Sunday to the hotel that he was staying at before he went to MEPS on Monday. He called yesterday and just was able to read the script that they had to read to let us know he was at Parris Island South Carolina. It has been really hard for me. I know that it has only been technically 2 days but going on 3 nights, that i have been with out his. It is so weird not having anyone to cook for and to make Coffee for in the morning. Just so weird. i already have started writing him so he will not miss a day in my life.... I want to include little encouraging sayings and stuff to keep him motivated. I just wanted some help ladies what is it that can help me help him, what did y'all do for your men why he was gone.  

    I am so scared that when he gets out of boot that he is going to be so different that he isn't going to want a girlfriend when he gets out. Did any of yall's mean change a whole lot. I don't know what to expect. Just scared and lonely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.


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Hi everybody I have the same fear that my boyfriend won't want to married me after boot camp. He just call me last Saturday he didn't sound sad like me I was crying. It's that something I should worried about?

I think EVERYONE worries that their s/o will change and come back different. They all change, but most is for the best. Just have faith in your relationship. What I did for my Marine was send him tons and tons of letters! I would also draw him little pictures and send him pictures! I agree with one of the other girls up here that said that the first few days/weeks are the hardest because they are. But once you get a letter it makes all of it worth it! These 3 months will fly by! Trust me!!! And its only preparing you for whats to come next. If you cant make it through boot, then youre definitely not gonna make it through a deployement! I havent been through one yet, but my bf right now is stationed in japan and will be there for 18 months. So far we are 1 month down and will hopefully be seeing him during christmas/new years. Soooo like I said, bootcamp is only preparing both of you for whats coming.

Hi there! Usually the first couple weeks are the worst. Right after he left the house seemed SO QUIET. But then I got used to it, and then all of a sudden you are buying a plane ticket to go see him graduate. We are Christians, so in my letters to him I sent lots of scripture, especialy out of Psalm 91 (the Protection Psalm), song lyrics and also lots of moto quotes. If you google "Marine quotes" you'll find all sorts of motivating things. You don't want to over-moto him, since he's surrounded by Marine Corps things 24/7... but just encourage him and remind him about what is to come, and how proud he'll be when he earns the title Marine. My husband changed a little in boot- he walked taller, was more confident, was stronger, (ate faster, talked louder.. lol)... but I think he appreciated having a good woman even MORE after boot. Especially if you write him every day and support/love him while he's gone, he'll appreciate you even more. :)

Hey my boyfriend is finishing up bootcamp next week and honestly I had the same fears but being away made us so much closer. We are closer than ever and all we get is letters. As far as letter writing goes I update him about the world cause hes really into that stuff and random stuff thats going on in his friend's lives and mine. I haven't seen him yet but i can tell already that hes changed but for the better and honestly your letters are going to be the best part of his bootcamp trust me goodluck girl

Hey girl, welcome! or welcome back? lol... well, I did what most of us do when my boyfriend was in bootcamp, which is write sooo many letters! I would write to him every night, even before I had an address to send them to... I guess I don't really know any encouraging or motivating sayings, but I found that anything that will put a smile on their faces really helps!! When I wrote letters, I would write as though I was talking to him on the phone... I would tell him about my day, my plans for the weekends, things that pissed me off or things that made my laugh, and I remember I got the greatest feeling when he wrote to me that my letters made him smile. When they are in bootcamp, they are completely immersed... marines, marines, marines! and our letters are like an outlet, a taste of the outside world that they miss... so, I know you want to encourage him and inspire him in what he is doing, but it is so important to give them 15 minutes where they can read about life outside of bootcamp, because for the moment, they can smile and forget where they are! I don't know if this was much help, but it's all I got, lol! <br />
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And don't worry too much about the changes he will go through... for the most part, the changes I and other girls have experienced are all positive. Good luck!