Not Talking Is Hard

Hey girls,

So my boyfriend has been in boot camp for a week and a half ( i know I have a long road still ahead.) I am doing pretty good with it, but I am still having a hard time adjusting to not being able to talk to him, I have caught myself so many times picking up my cell and pressing his speed dial. Then once I get his voice mail, I hang up and Think **** what am i thinking. Well Saturday was the day that it really hit me that he isn't just on a long vacation ( cause most of last week I was in a fog and the reality had not set in yet) well Saturday I had a Rodeo, and as soon as i got my horse loaded up and I was driving out of the arena I picked up my phone and did it again, but this time it said that this number has been disconnected, and at that moment It really hit me. His dad put his phone on a military hold while he is in boot camp. So that was hard cause now i cant even hear his voice anymore. that was the only way I was getting to hear it.. =(
       So the other thing is his recruiter said that I should be getting a letter this week, so every time the mail lady comes I get so excited and two days I have been disappointed, I know one is coming but I would really like to hear from him. Just so I can start sending him the novel that i have wrote him and to have some sort of communication with him again. To add to it, everyone in his family knows that I am gonna be getting one first so they call or email me asking if I have gotten anything yet... Just ready to hear from him...
       I am starting to feel really alone and not want to really talk to any of my friends cause they all have there men here and this weekend I hung out with a few of them and they are all over each other and I just wanna slap them. I don't know if anyone else feels like that when they see couples all over each other... sorry for such a long story but helps to get it out.

Hope all you ladies are hanging in there and just think our men will be home soon enough even if it is only for a few days..

Semper Fi,

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Thanks! That's why I'm back on this site. I was at first for some support to get used to our relationship, then I was dealing really well, & now with the deployment, I just think I need some more support again. =)

Thanks for the support girls, I know it is gonna be ok and he will write when he can but i just really wanna talk to him.Trying to hang in there. He is in Parris Island, It is only about 4 hours away from where we live so letters hopefully wont take very long to get back and fourth once we can write each other. <br />
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Oceanside, hang in there girl we are all here for you It is gonna be a long road but hopefully you will hear from him soon. <br />
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again thanks girl for the chat..helps to know i got ppl to talk to that have been here.

hang in there it was 17 days after my husband left for parris island b4 i got my first letter from him and his hand writing was bad but it meant the world to me and trust me u are constantly on his mind but they are keeping him on his toes and not letting him sleep and yelling at him and all that good stuff but he will be fine he'll fine someone there as a friend if not more than one person my husband got lucky his rack mate is going to the same MOS school as him ........ is ur guy going to parris island or is he west coast?

Hang in there girl!! here if ya need me!

unfortunately I wasn't with my husband while he was in boot camp...but I was friends with him & wrote him regularly. But that's totally different. By the time we were together, we were able to text, talk & webcam. In a way I think I wish I were with him during his boot camp months, because I think it would have helped with this deployment. haha. but anyway, write him as much as you can! Our deployment just began, I haven't heard from him at all yet...& I've already written & sent one letter, & will probably do another tomorrow or Thursday. I plan on writing him at least 2 times each week...then he'll send letters whenever he can. I suggest you do the same, because he needs you so much right now.