Just Gotta Keep On, Keepin' On.

So Bryce has been overseas for a little while now. =/ I'm soooo ready for him to come home now but i just gotta keep pushin. Its been almost 2 months already since he left. It's gone really fast so far. and I hope it continues to go this fast bc he'll be home in no time! =) We had our first webcam date almost  a week ago. It was amazing getting to "see" him!!! He looks sooo great! he's lost a lot of weight. His face has really slimmed out a lot and he looks amazing. Of course he's super tan too! haha. He just sweats non-stop over there. It gets up to 130 during the day. I cant even imagine how hot that is. I think twice before I complain about how hot it is here. I'm sure its just miserable there. Thankfully their tents are airconditioned. They constantly have to be aware of what's going on around them. Not only bc they're in a war zone, but because there's camel spiders the size of small dogs. His friends tent got attacked by 13 huge camel spiders a few weeks ago! No one got bit or anything but those spiders were out to get them! lol ewww that would just freak me OUT!!
Well I just wanted to give a quick update. I hope you all are doing great! If you have any questions feel free to message me! :) Semper Fi
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haha you guys are too funny. I love all the responses to Cippy. gotta love the haters on here. lol I'm really glad Dave is on a MEU not in a combat zone, so now he won't come home & beat me too! feel bad for you poor ladies. LMAO!! Unless Cippy has some sort of excuse that he will beat me. We'll see tho, right?<br />
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& I know what you girls are talkin about! Dave said on the ship there's nothing to do most of the time, so he works out. & although I love him & everything about him, the idea of my husband comin home all fit & buff & all...YUMMO!!! haha!!

Aww! :) I wish Bryce and I could webcam more often but the webcams are always in use by someone else, or he's just too busy. <br />
CnC you are really strong for dealing w/ 8 1/2 months of deployment and still have more to go! :)<br />
and bbz, i LOVE your response to Cippys comment. :) haha

Absolutely love webcam dates! We try to have as many of them as we can. Sometimes my friends say, hey lets go do something, but I tell them no not tonight, I have a date : ) .

bahahaha cippy your hilarious!! hahaha chris is gunna come back and beat me to death lol if that was gunna happen ****, i would left after last deployment...<br />
and they arent all out to kill ppl...idk why no one has heard of the rules of engagement....you realize our boys cant take a shot at someone unless shot at first, or getting clearance to take a shot and often times those are denied lol....ohhh i love how ppl think chris is just out to beat me! hahah<br />
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and oceanside...chris has been deployed in afghan for 8 1/2 months and i JUSTgot like 5 pictures of him. we dont webcam and we talk every 2 1/2- 4 weeks. not everyone gets webcam i wont see chris face til next month when he comes hom on R&R.<br />
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and keep it up ashley you are doing sooo well i am so proud of you! and 2 months in is 2 months less of the deployment you have to do than what you started with! :)

and there are many cold blooded CIVILIANS in this world who commit murder everyday, so I ask, who trained them to kill??? are you gonna blame the USMC for them too, or how about we generalize the whole human race because of the ones that commit such crimes? it seems like that's what you want to do by stereotyping every Marine according to your claims. Ever watch America's Most Wanted?... tell me now, how many of those killers are Marines? Being a Marine doesn't make you a killer.. as somebody mentioned above, they are trained to defend themselves and yes, to kill if the need arises, but remember, other people manage to kill all on their own, without the training of the Marine Corps, so please take your ignorance elsewhere because nobody is interested in it here. thanx.

I agree, well put. Although Bryce IS infantry. lol. But i know Bryce too well and he would never beat me. My boyfriend is working out constantly too! he bought some creatine from the mobile px and is working out in the 130 degree heat everyday. he said he was gonna be huge when he gets home. So im kinda looking forward to that haha. :) I really wish I could say i'm 4 months into the deployment. That sounds so much better than "almost 2" ughh.

heather, well put!

I HATE spiders. I would be screaming and running away. My husbands been overseas for 4 months and I am so ready for him to be home. I guess in his spare time he works out, so I have this theory my husband is going to look like the hulk when he gets home. :)<br />
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Cippy. You say that all Marines know how to do is kill. That is where you're incorrect. Yes they are trained to defend us but there also many jobs besides infantry in the Corps. There are comm techs, mechanics, maintenance, there are guys that just push paper, there are journalists. Yes all of them do know how to defend themselves, their family or their country but that isn't what their specific job is all about.

yucko! haha. <br />
<br />
we live in 29 and there was one of those spiders in his shop that was a size of a 20 dollar bill! so i can only imagine. i'm glad you got to skype! my boy has been over there for 2 months and he has to send me pics so i can see his face! :) <br />
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i'm glad time is flying for you! keep your head up and stay busy, sweet girl!<br />
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btw, i'm katie. :)

lol you've got to love haters seriously they make no sense at all ignore the hater!!! i hate spiders seriously and eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww ok that seriously freaked me out how did they get so big lol eeewww ok i'm not thinking about that at all!! stay strong and keep positive and good luck and i hope it works out!!! ugh spiders i'm going to have to my brain soon eeewww!!! oh i'm Sam by the way i've kind of been MIA so i dont think we've met sorry that's my fault!!!

stay strong!! thats all i can say... and find a hobby. i tried to stay as busy as possible when my husband was in Iraq. the busier you are, the faster time goes by. and dont take every hater seriously. i mean, my husband had some nightmares, and hes been a lot more irritable, but its to be expected. just stay strong. semper fi

thanks bbz! :)

lmao pacesgurl i have to say I love your response to that one.. haha. cippy2k that was just unnecessary. and yes i haaate spiders as well, i would go crazy, but I guess they have a lot bigger things to worry about out there =/ good luck and keep staying strong, i hope this time flies by for you!

wow cippy2k. thanks for the advice.. i'll make sure to be careful around him so he doesnt beat me to death.

oh my god! I have never heard of those spiders... my boyfriend leaves soon to go to Afganistan... I'll have to ask him about them. Glad to see that its going by fast for you, I hope it does for me!!! <br />
oh and... cippy2k... what was the point of that post?

you know... when I read the heading you've given your piece... the only thing I could think of was this Bob Dylan song ( Tangled up in Blue) where he says... the only thing I knew how to do was keep on keepin on.. like a bird that flew.. tangled up in blue :P<br />
.. anyway... wow.. you know he'll be back in no time.. and it might seem hard at times.. but it'll be okay soon :)

omg, I hate spiders!!! lol so forget that! glad to hear you bein so positive! my hubby has been gone for a month now. But he's just on a MEU, thank god!! lol I'd be goin crazy if he were over there. :/ so Props to you ladies that have their men over there, cuz idk how you do it!! The only thing that sucks about the MEU deployment is I rarely get to talk to him, & there is no webcamming. So we're goin 7 months without seeing each other at all, I'm sending him pics of me, but that's it.