I Just Wanna Hear From Him :/

well , my boyfriend has been in basic for about 6 days now. i haven't gotten a letter , a phone call , or anything. i just wanna hear from him and know that he's doing okay. it makes me feel like he doesn't miss me as much as i miss him. i'm super new to this whole situation , and i just wanna know like , if they even get phone calls .. or how long it will be before i get my first letter. i just wanna hear from him somehow , just to feel like he's hear with me. please help if you know the answers , ladies (:

thanks && Semper Fi <3
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Hang tough girl!! <br />
Like the other ladies said, you'll get ur first letter the 2nd or 3rd week into bootcamp. And as for phone calls. Count on not getting any. Like MarineGirlfriend91 said, sometimes if the platoon is doing a great job the DI's will allow them to call home but it all depends on the DI. Just write him a lot. After you get ur first letter, you should start recieving them pretty regularly. Msg me if u need anything. I've been thru A LOT when it comes to bootcamp, compared to others. My bf was there for 5 1/2 months, not 3. it SUCKED!

yeah, write him everyday! i hear the norm is about the 2nd week you'll get a letter (:<br />
i got mine after 10 days, but he was at Parris island. (idk if yours is there or in Cali)<br />
& you usually get one phone call in the very end of the 3 months, mine was only 1 minute and some secs. but letters will be amazing (:

thank you so much ladies ! ya'll are all so freaking helpful ! lol. it makes me feel more reassured to know that so many people are going through the same thing that i am. i know that i'm not the only one !! i haven't been worrying about the letters as much , bxc i know the more that i dwell over them , the longer it will seem before i get one.<br />
but thank you ladies so much for yer support ! it really means alot to me !<br />
i'm here if anyone ever needs to talk to me also !<br />
Semper Fi <3

You are in the same spot as every girl who dates a marine during Recruit Training has ever experienced. He does miss you, more than anything in this world. You will recieve a letter soon or a postcard with the address to write to him. He will not be able to write much but you gotta keep on writing, your letters are what gets him through the hell that he is experiencing. He will get one phone call and that will be a fifteen minute one a few days before he graduates. Try and make it to his family day and graduation it will mean alot to him. Be patient with him and if you have any questions just let me know. :]

it will come and it will make you much more stronger yeah i did too but these girls give it straight forward and help out alot have a great holiday! <br />
<br />
and stay strong and busy <br />
<br />

thanks , girl !<br />
i just never know bxc i hear so many different things from different people and it gets so confusing ! i'm already getting alot stronger than the first and second day though. it's an amazing feeling ! like i can actually feel myself getting emotionally stronger ! oh , i can't wait for the first letter to come in ! ughhhh ! lol. oh well , thank you.<br />
stay strong<br />
&& Semper Fi <3

OH ps do NOT count the days count the weeks it will be alot better

aww sweetie it will be ok he misses you alot trust me he does and hes thinking about you and he loves you too <br />
my boyfriend has 5 days left of bootcamp its pretty awesome <br />
hes only been there six days so your not gunna get a letter till maybe the 2nd or 3rd week but you should write him as much as you can everyday or every other day they will apperciate it and for phone calls im not sure it all depends on the DI and what batallion there in sometimes they get phone calls as rewards and sometimes they dont but i never got a phone call but i got letters which helped alot you will deffently be getting letters it may take awhile but you will <br />
<br />
phase one is pretty much the hardest phase i believe idk about how other girls and phase two goes by very fast and phase 3 welll ha its like done in a bl<x>ink of an eye just hang in there!!<br />
stay busy and try to be postive induldge yourself in small activitys and enjoy your summer!! just remeber its only three months and it will go by fast trust me it hard and it feels like forever but if you stay busy and postive it will be a very smooth ride this is a good time to build yourself and your realtionship with your man into something stronger <br />
<br />
for me i did scrapbooking and made some t shirts and did a photo album spent time with my family and friends and my bfs family and it helps write a journal about your days <br />
<br />
he will probably get your letters first befor you get his and when you do you will feel content and that letter you will love and you will know how much he loves you in the first letter so stay strong and postive!! <br />
<br />
if you need anything my name is andrea msg me<br />
<br />
Semper-Fi<br />
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heres a website for parris island if he is there<br />
<br />