First Letter

Hey everyone just wanted to share the great news that I got my first letter from Auston while he's in boot camp! I was so excited to hear from him I cried! :) He washed away all the doubt I had because of my evil mind. lol. He sounds like he's doing okay, not fantastic but surviving which is all I ask cause I know it ain't a bucket of cherries. I feel ten times better than I did and I feel like I can finally sit back and let these next weeks flow. I'm not worried at all and I don't care that I still have ten weeks, it's just great to hear from him. I can't even explain how I feel it's like weights were just lifted from my shoulders and I can breath. I guess that's it just wanted to share...actually last thing to add. Ten weeks my booty! I just realized I'm getting ready to start week 4! Ha! ;D
Wish everyone well! :)
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1 Response Jul 9, 2010

hey girl ! congrats ! that's super exciting to hear ! i been waiting to hear from my boyfriend , lol. he left about 2 weeks ago.. everything has been going through my mind , lol. just keep yer head up and stay strong ! i know that everyday gets better , bxc that's one day closer that you get to see him ! <br />
Semper Fi <3