More Letters? Or No?..

hey ladies !
i was wondering if it would be better if i sent my guy letters like everyday in basic? i've heard that it helps them get through the day and it makes them feel better like they're still a part of life down here , but then again i've heard that they could get in trouble if they recieve alot of letters like that. i just want this to go as easy as possible for my guy. also , if ya'll have any ideas on cute poems or cute quotes i could send him? he loves cheesy stuff , lol (:
but any ideas at all would help !
thanks ladies !
Semper Fi <3
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

i wrote my boyfriend (now fiance) every single day. In the beggining i was sending them every-other day and he was like "noo send more, everyday!" lol so i did (: <br />
you should, if you can. they are the best thing ever to them. My fiance said that they didn't get in trouble, (if they get a lot the DI's will hold them, maybe for a few days) but he said usually he only had to do push ups for the letters. but it's so worth it, right? lol

I write my boyfriend almost everyday and then I'll send him like 2 letters at a time. He wants the letters to be sent but I never heard anything about them getting in trouble. If it's a problem I'm sure he'll write a letter and tell you about it. But my advice is to just write him as much as you'd like. Stay strong.<br />
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- Sierra