I Got It! I Finally Got It! I Got The First Letter!

I am in Vegas on vacation with my grandparents, they wanted me to get my mind off Sean {boyfriend at bootcamp}. I had just gotten off one of Rollar coasters at the casino, and when i checked my phone the message was from my stepdad is said "got the letter, i'll mail yours out monday". I immediatly dialed home, and made my mom read me the letter over the phone. He told me how much he misses me, and that he HATES it there, and that he misses me {again lol}, and to send ALOT of pictures, and that he loves me. Hearing that letter and what it said was the best feeling in the world. I actually stood in the VERY MIDDLE of the casino and cried. I was so happy. I've been writing letters since he left. They are really upbeat and happy, but they tell him that i miss him, and that im proud of him. I really miss him, and i've been crying all day. Im just happy im still on his mind. I cant belive its only been 2 weeks since he left, i miss him so much. My life has been going by so slowly its like hell. I'm trying to get my mind off him, and it's working. Im just trying to keep myself occupied. I'm hoping that the rest of the time he's at bootcamp goes by fast. Is that how it should be? Am i going in right direction with this and feeling like i should feel?
~Hannah :)
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my boyfriend left 2 weeks ago too. i got my letter the same day you did. like you, im away but my mom wont read me the letter. he sent five of them and she said she would mail them. im still waiting for them though. i think its good that your keeping your mind busy. in the end it will pay off. 2 weeks went by a little fast so the rest of the time should be that bad.

yeah my husband said he hated it there to b/c the DI are a** holes all the time but he'll get through it

hey girl , i got my first letter from my boyfriend yesterday too (:<br />
but yeh , yer going in the right direction with this. you should be keeping yer mind off everything and doing things that keep you busy. clean yer room , over and over lol , or go shopping , something that will keep you really busy ! i swear , my room hasn't been any cleaner than it is now !! but yeh , just keep yer head up and stay strong. it will go by faster than you think !<br />
Semper Fi <3