ok so i talked ot one of the girls on here about this but i was wondering if anyone had any other advice. who i have talked to suggested i just talk to my marine about this and be there for him and talk on skype more often so i can see him, but i wish i could do more. anyways what this is about is the fact that he's getting really lonely and i feel like im not being what i should be or something. he's in japan so were really far apart. does anyone have any other advice or ideas of what i can do? i am going to talk to him about it and let him know im always there for him no matter what but i just wanna make him feel better. he's gone for 2 years so i wanna make sure he knows he never has to feel like im not there becasue im always with him in one way or another (thought dreams etc.) i love him and i want to help him not feel so lonely.
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care packagesssssssssssssss. care packages. care packages!<br />
Jason and I have been apart most of our relationship, we text tons, he call me often and I send him tons of care packages. He appreciates everything that I do and i feel the same way!<br />
you definitely have to make a huge effort when you're apart from your man, you need to keep things interesting and make sure he knows you love him.

thansk ladies. im thinking of sending him a little photo album with pictures form "a day with me" in it so he feels like he's doing what he used to like when he would go to work with me lol. but thanks. i appreciate the help :)

definitely a care package and letters are in need... but do something personal that literally shows he's with your thoughts everyday. im a film maker so my suggestion would be things along the lines of: make a little video of your everyday life to show him that youre not moving forward without him. but in the video get like a picture of him or something of his and have it with you in all of the hes with you. i did that before for my sister when she moved away... or ive also made a bunch of pictures with me in places like eating out or in bed or riding bikes but there was a picture of him with me in all of the pictures. and i would be kissing him on the cheek or looking at him and smiling. cute stuff like that. then send the pictures to him explaining to him that even though he's far away he's still with you, so he shouldn't feel so lonely.<br />
<br />
i know it sucks feeling like you don't know what else you can do to help...i was feeling that way exactly just yesterday. its hard to not feel helpless because they can get just so down sometimes... but i think just not giving up is the best thing you can do. show him that even when everything you try doesnt make him feel better, you wont get frustrated and give up. be stubborn. be strong. because i'm a BIG believer in actions speaking louder than words. you may not be able to tell him words that will solve everything, but you can show him.<br />
<br />
i hope you figure everything out! ill be thinking of some other things...if i come up with anything else ill let you know. :)

you should send him little packages with cute things in it. like pictures , teddy bears , fake flowers , etc.. i think it would make him happy (: