He leaves tommorrow morning, & we are officially broken up.
I'm already a mess. This is so weird. I don't want him to leave.
I wish I could just tell him "Don't go" & he'd stay. but I can't :/
I'm probably done posting on here, at least for a while.
I thought that I had moved on from the crying part, I cried so much last night after we said our goodbyes,
All day I've just been genuinely upset witha lump the size of a cantaloupe in the pit of my stomach.
But yet here I am, crying my eyes out. & all because I went to his myspace page & he's deleted all the photos of us. He still has the regular ones, but any of us that even remotely resembled that we were together are gone. & That's when it smacked me in the face; he isn't just leaving, we just broke up, too.
I need sleep. Thank all of you for everything, all the advice was so helpful.

-Semper Fi<3
TaaaylorAnne TaaaylorAnne
18-21, F
Jul 11, 2010