He Asked For My Ring Size O.o Helpp!!!!!!!!

I'm not ready to be engagedd. How do I let him know. I'm freaking out that he's going to Japan for 2 years and he just asked for my ring size. I can't be engaged nowww I just graduated high school and I have college and med school and I wanted to get married at 28. I love him with all my heart but this is too early. How do I let him know this?
Like noww...would a promise ring be ok?
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Yea, you can be engaged and not have to get married right away, or like the other girls said, it could be a promise ring! My bf got me one when he came home from boot, we werent ready to get engaged, not until I graduated high school anyways.

Oh! btw we did discuss more on marriage. He knows that if we get engaged it'll be a reallyyy long engagement. I want to get married maybe at age 26-27 after getting my life together, but he wants it to be sooner. However, he said that he wants to be with me no matter what and that he will wait that long to get married to me. It's just that I personally want to be financially stable and have a good career before marriage.

I am positive he wanted to propose. He asked for my ring size, and I at first thought it was just a gift cuz I'm having a huge grad party soon. After that, he asks me what he thought about us two in the future. We text back and forth a bit, and he's like "I wanna marry you baby." Then he calls and we talk for a bit. He asked me about what he thought about us in the future again and what I wanted to do after college. He said he wanted to actually talk to me in person about this (he gets 20 days leave for Japan soon) but he just couldn't help it. <br />
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It's been awhile, and I'm not hyperventiliating that he asked for my ring size anymore. LOL when he first texted me I texted my friend and starting flipping out....but now I see something different. Like I really do love him, and I want to be with him. He's changed my whole life, and I couldn't imagine a future without him.<br />
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Still....it's like a biggg step. We'll just see what happens lol

I wouldnt jump to conclusions juuuuuuuuuuuuust yet. Have you guys talked about marriage yet?<br />
If you haven't then I find it hard to believe he's proposing already how old is he? I got married fresh out of highschool and divorced by 21, I'm not syaing that it is always going to fail but it is certainly hard and you do change so much from one year to the next while you're young.<br />
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just be patient and see what happens, he might just be buying you a present to remember him by while he's deployed?<br />
lord knows I send jason packages alllll the time and they just get more expensive every time :)<br />
you'll be fine.

I don't know you guys I'll just wait to see how this plays out. Either way I'll get engaged or not, but I love him with allllll my heart. Wait, I think I do want to get engaged. Maybe I'm just being nervous.

It's just that I never ever thought I'd get married before? Like I always pictured myself single for some odd reason and with a really good career. Maybee adopt a child. I've always told my parents I would never get married too. <br />
But when he came into my life I found myself thinking of things I never thought of before. <br />
I really do want him in my life, but I'll just tell him it's too early. Idkkk...<br />
I would be so upset if I didn't have him in my life. He means so much to me. It's just that marriage just seemed so far off.

engaged doesn't mean u have to get married in a certain amount of time my sister was engaged to hers for 4 years b4 they got married

how do you know it's not a promise ring?<br />
a promise ring is fine, if you plan on being with him.<br />
<br />
if your not sure, tell him.<br />
don't let him get you an engagement ring if you aren't ready. just be honest<br />