Deployment Number 2.

This time it's Afghan, last time it was Iraq. I'm very antsy to see how different these 2 deployments will be... This is just the very beginning of deployment number 2. He should be about 1.5/3 of the way there already. I've already been through this once, but I'm super nervous for Afghanistan! Chris told me that they've been hearing rumors that where they're going mail/packages have been taking about 3 months to get to them! I wont say where he's going, but is that true for Afghan?? Can mail take up to 3 months to get to them?? That crushed me. If it's true that means I'll have to stop writing him after about 3 months :( I'm already ready for this deployment to be over! I'm strong though, we'll make it through just fine... This mail thing is just really bringing down my mood. I guess I'll findout! By the time he gets home in about 7 months he'll have 3 months until his EAS. As of today he's not reenlisting. . . Who knows what tomorrow will bring though lol... Anyway, I can't wait to finally be able to live with my fiance'. Sooo I'm holding my head up high and I will get through this deployment just fine.

I hope everyone is doing well!!

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Hi, I know for me, it took only a week for my bf to get the letters and packages. He never had to wait more than 10 days. I hope that gives you some hope that it doesnt take to long. But I think it really does depend on where they are stationed. Just stay positive, everything always works out!<br />
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Hey Paige, You are such a tough girl, I hope that after all that Trey and I will be going through i can be as strong as you. I hope that you are hanging in there it sounds like you are though. Good luck to you both girl. I hope the time flies by for you and it wont be long until you are able to spend time with your fiance. Hang in there chin up.. =) Semper Fi<br />
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I do think it depends on location and also how quickly the mail guys get the mail to the men. I've heard rumor that the postal system on our end also makes boxes going to Afghan a low priority but I dont know if thats true. I know for me it takes about 2 weeks to a month for him to get care packages and letters that I send and some times its the same with the letters that come to me. My husband got the second care package I sent before he got the first one, which I had mailed out two weeks before I had sent the second.