The Big Question?!

Okay ladies , like you all read in the last story.. I recently got the first letter from my boyfriend who is in bootcamp. We have been together for almost 2 years and have talked about marriage a couple times. Well , in the letter he was saying how much he loved and missed me. And then , he said "I wanna ask you something when I get back". Well , everything went running through my mind at once ; UNTIL I saw at the very end where it said "PS I wanna marry you". Okay , call me crazy but , I think that he wants to propose when he gets back. Am I wrong? Could the "question" be any number of things? I just don't wanna be anticiapting it , and then get let down if that's not what I thought it was , yah know? I'm super ready to get married and start a family , although I am only 18 and jsut graduated high school. I think that I am ready and can handle it. Could I be overreacting about the whole "question" thing? I just wanna hear what you ladies have to say. All feedback would be VERY much appreciated !
Thank you && God Bless !
Semper Fi <3

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Sounds like it to me!! My marine and I got married june 22 and i'm 18 and just graduated highschool also! Just don't listen to anyone else...the world is filled with doubts and criticism. Congrats girl:)

I definitely agree with the other girls, sounds like proposal. I hope everything works out for you two, and stay strong for you and your Marine. But yeah.. I also think many Marine's want to propose after boot camp. My boyfriend proposed to me before he left but now all he talks about in his letters is marrying me and our future. And I'm 16 and he's 18. But aww, good luck with everything girl!<br />
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Semper Fi <3<br />
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- Sierra

lol thanks for the feedback ladies !<br />
yeh , it must be something in the water or the freaking food they're giving them or something , lol !<br />
i don't even care , i'm just super happy !<br />
&& congrats to ya'll two ^^^ also (:

Yep, sounds to me like a proposal!!!!! =]

Aha It probably will be asking you to marry him. I got married on his boot leave and were only 20. and thats so funny there is something in the water at parris island cause it makes boyfriends so mushy.

i'll be 19 in november and am getting married next month!<br />
we got engaged about 6 months ago...<br />
idk why but almost every Marine i hear about proposes after bootcamp.<br />
i wanna know what is in the water there! lol<br />
congratssssssssssss <3