It's So Nice To Be Back!

hi you guys!
 I havent been on EP since March! things have been so hectic in my life, I went back to school and now Im graduating in August finally:) I've been going back and forth to visit Jason and my sister in California, Jason is about to deploy, I'm moving..blah blah blah.

Jason is about to go on his 6th deployment in February and when he gets back he is more than likely being stationed in VA. :)which I will be tagging along for that:)
         Things with Jason have been amazing, we've talked about marriage a lot, both of us have been married before so we're not trying to rush into that just yet but we both agree that we are very ready for kids. We discussed it a lot and decided that next year we are going to start trying, which I am extatic about! life is really wonderful right now, I'm going to California for four days in September and then going back out in October for the Marine Corps Ball which I am totally nervous about.
anyway, it's so great to be back on here. I hope some of you ladies still remember me!
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is trey still on parris island?<br />
thats about 45 minutes away from me!<br />
<br />
Jason is going out on a ship, the same exact ship with the same exact destinations he went on three years ago! he it totally not happy about that either.<br />
<br />
I'm so excited about the ball, I'm also just really nervous, he's a ssgt and has a lot on his shoulders all the time an I just really want to make him proud in front of his peers and higherups.<br />
I'm just really nervous that his marines, the ones he teaches in school are going to talk about me afterwards while they're working or something and it make him really angry.<br />
I'd hate to see what he would do. he's really protective.<br />
<br />
do you have a facebook?<br />
we should be friends<br />
<br />
Im glad you like my dress, its 340 dollars!!!!! AH!<br />
i feel like that is kind of expensive but my girlfriends say thats not bad at all for a dress (that im going to wear one time.)<br />
<br />
I hope you guys get to go to the ball at Pendleton!:)

Hey girl I do not think that we ever meet I have been on here a long time but i didnt get on here for a few months. I am Aly. It sounds like you are doing well. Where is he going to be deployed too? The Marine corp ball will be a lot of fun. I got to go last year before Trey even left for boot camp because he was in the delayed entry program and we had some good friends that invited us.. It was a great time. The dress you picked is really pretty.. =) You will look beautiful in it... I dont know where Trey will be for the ball this year but i am sure i will be going to that... SHould probably start looking for a Glad you are back. Message me anytime.. <br />
<br />