Also..marine Corps Ball

I'm attending my first marine corps ball with Jason in October and have picked out a dress, I need some opinions on whether this is appropriate:

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thank u thank u! I have to say that is one color I have never (if ever) worn much of. I hope it goes alright with my fair skin!

ooh! soooooo gorgeous!! the color is amazing.

hahahaha:)you guys are great!<br />
everyone said bring confy shoes!<br />
we're getting a room at the hotel/casino so that we can get ready there,go down have a few drinks mingle and the go gamble for a little bit! <br />
i am tooooooooooo excited you guys<br />

omg that dress is beautiful. i was post to be going but zach will still be in afgan

it's at some Casino?<br />
thats basically all i know!<br />
I wish some of you gals were going so we could meet!

prettyy! I love that blue color. Where is it this year? I wish I could've gone..just got Okinawa orders

:) i dont think my B cups will ever pop out of anything hahaha :) thanks you guys!!

Yeah, that dress is just fine!! have fun! i loved the usmc ball when i went last year with my fiance'.

Yes that is appropriate and absolutly beautiful!!! I hope you have a wounderful time... I was suppose to go but my marine got his deployment orders and will be leaving before then so now i have to return my dress... but that is a beautiful color and just make sure when you wear it your 'girls' don't happen to pop or hang out and you will be just fine...ENJOY!