He Left For Bootcamp

God I was crying so hard yesterday night..
Alot of people seemed sort of rude to us yesterday at the hotel my boyfriend had to sleep in... I guess it's because he was the only asian there that's going to bootcamp lol. Everyone was looking at us really strange too, which sort of pissed me off.
But yeah... I miss him already, and I really want to talk to him. I kept telling him over and over that he should write me a letter when he has the chance lol

His PT sargent said that he's going to be back at October 1st, but you never know...
What are your stories about being by yourself when your bf has left for bootcamp, and what was it like when he came back??
None of my friends doesnt know how I feel, so they can't really help with anything... So yeah I guess experience project will help me with overcoming :)
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My boyfriend graduated bootcamp over a year ago. Family day and Graduation are the 2 best days of your life. It's such an awesome experience. You just swell up w/ pride. It's the most exciting and emotional thing i've experienced. You definitely need to be there. Stay strong. =)

my boyfriend graduated a few days ago its amazing and ill tell you there doing fine and hell write you as much as he can they dont get that much time and it will make you and your realtionship so much stronger just hang in there and write him it will go by fast keep your head up<br />
<br />
if you have any questions msg me<br />
<br />

my fiance graduated in Jan. it is the best thing ever, i'm actually grateful to have such a wonderful experience. your relationship will either grow stronger or weaker, this will make or break your relationship. but frm what i'm seen the majority make it out 10x stronger.<br />
i know it sucks, but it'll fly by. message me if you have any questions.<br />
you'll get a letter the 2nd or 3rd week<br />

my boyfriend left 2 weeks ago. The best thing that i can tell you is to keep your mind busy. the first time he left i was devasted and you could see it. i didnt do anything for weeks, i barely ate. the more i thought about him not being here with me, the worse i got. Im not going to lie, im still sad that he is gone but im not sitting around the house waiting for him. Im keeping my mind busy and doing different things that i wouldnt do normally. Im always here if you want to talk, talking to my friends are out of the question as well because they dont know how it feels to be so far away from your loved one with little communication. Im new at this but ive been writing him letters telling him things i normally would so that he isnt missing alot, happily i recieved 5 letters from him today (:<br />
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