I Miss Him And Im Not Doing Too Well :/

Ok. So Sean has been gone for two weeks. I am NOT doing to good. I miss him, like crazy. Ive never missed another human being like this in my life. Im depressed truely depressed. im sick to my stomache. Ive lost weight like crazy. Ive lost 15 pounds, a pant size, and two shirt sizes. I was only 125 to begin with its not healthy. Ive only smiled {truely smiled} twice. Today when i was out shopping i ran into a "pack" {no joke} of 40+ marines. I thought i was going to break down and cry. I ended up talking to one. He was very nice. I told him about Sean, and he told me to go into a group of marines and "oooorah". So i did, and 20+ of them "Ooorah"ed right back at me, it made me laugh so hard. I also smile when i watch the videos and pictures of  Sean on my phone. Im just really sad, and im not all that sure on what to do. Any advice and help for the youngen???
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there is a reason they say marine girls are the strongest women out there. we all live in fear and worry but we some how manage to not let that run our lives. like the other ladys have said you have to get out. and im like you anytime i run into a group of marines i make sure i ooorah! lol you just have to stay strong girl. zack has been gone to afgan for 5 weeks tomorrow. but instead of counting the weeks he is going to be gone i count down til when he is coming home. if you need to talk feel free to message me anytime. :)

aww girl. You cant let it get to you like that. Yea, he's gone and you miss him. But you always have to look at the positive side of things when you're in a military relationship bc if you dont, you will be absolutely miserable. Even when ur not happy, you have to force yourself to think positive. Just think of the day he graduates bootcamp and you see him for the first time as a United States Marine. Think of how proud you'll be of him. He doesnt want you to be sad and depressed. Be happy for him, and yourself. =) Its not that bad, I promise.

hey sweetie it will be ok but you need to be healthy he needs you to be healthy and ill tell you its not that bad seriously my man said it was hard but the DIs can be funny and be relaxed look forward to see him and say its getting closer and think postive it will come soon and you will be soo happy when you see him on family day and graduation will be the best because you get to take him home involve yourself in so much do research on bootcamp and the marines and this will make you stronger it made me stronger bootcamp is the hardest but once hes done you will be so happy just hang in there stay busy and HEALTHY!!! hes doing okay he misses you and loves you keep that in mind and those letters you get take them everywhere if you need to to know that he is there hang in there it will be ok <br />
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stay strong and postive <br />
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I agree with Adrenalynn. My husband has been in Afghanistan for 21 weeks now and I know that when I struggle that it hurts him to know that the pain is because of his job. Your man wants you to be happy. My husband loves to hear about me getting out of the house and having fun, he loves to hear about me laughing and enjoying myself. I always make sure to tell him that even when I am having fun that I am missing him. You need to take the time that you have alone and learn who you are as an individual and grow in that person, if you do that you will come out of this stronger and happier.