A Little Inspiration At The Wierdest Time!

So my brother left and got married but couldn’t help himself as per usual couldn’t appear without a few pearls of wisdom he does that all the time lately I swear he lied about being a marine and is studying to become frigging psychologist or something lol. Here is our conversation on Friday night we were talking about stuff and suddenly it turned to me and AJ so here it is:
Jason: So little sister how you and A doing?
Me: good we good I think?
J: Storm good isn’t an answer and you freaking know it!! You’re good could be my great and my great could be your gross. So how do you feel about A?
M: you pulling the big brother act aren’t you?
J: pretty much stop not answering my question!!
M: A and I are doing extremely well I don’t regret getting together in fact if anything I regret us not doing it ages ago.
J: but you are holding back why?
M: I’m not holding back.
J: you are and you know it! You holding back because you scared about getting hurt you don’t have anything to be scared about.
M: I swear there is something abnormal about our relationship you haven’t seen me in how long and you pick it up in like a second. How do you know that?
J: because I’ve known you my whole life and I know the signs! Here’s the thing AJ is not going to hurt you he wouldn’t dare we might be friends but we had a little chat.
J: I’m suppose too it’s my job as your older brother!! But he’s not going to hurt you he knows you as well as I do and he knows that you are holding back but is willing to take one step at a time. He is also madly and completely in love you’ve got the guy wrapped around your finger you kind of always did.
M: Jason what is your point.
J: he can’t and wouldn’t loose you and would do anything to keep you in his life.
M: ok but you said this already Jason and honestly it’s how I feel about him as well.
J: I knew that though so here is the thing not to long ago I remember you and me having a similar conversation except it was a little different. You love him you want to spend the rest of your life him you see him in the picture so what’s the problem.
M: me
J: exactly you, you to frigging stubborn to even want to admit that what you have with him is amazing!! Storm you happy I have not seen you happier in my life. There’s no reason to hold back you know the guy already really well you’ve trust him your whole life.
M: I know that Jason
J: if you say but I’m going to personally beat the crap out of you! There are no buts here, Storm. Let down your guard and go with it I promise you will never forget it or regret it. You don’t have to have a guard especially with him.
S: because you haven’t regretted anything.
J: not for one minute and I’m marrying her tomorrow! It’s the best advice I ever got so thank you!
S: I’m glad I helped!
J: Stormy as much as I want you be my little sister forever I’m happy you found what I did don’t reject it ever its time you pulled another Darfur!
S: I had a little help pulling Darfur and this I’m pretty much doing it alone.
J: Storm that’s my point! You never alone if it doesn’t work out I’ll always be here to help pick up the pieces but you’ve got to do this. love him with you’re whole heart you already do so it wont be hard and go with flow of it don’t fight anything just let I happen! It’s time you let go of the past AJ is not him!
M: you’ve become wise in you’re old age, oh old one!
J: I’ve always been wise you’ve just been stubborn, oh young one! Now promise me you’ll at least think about what I said.
M: I don’t have too you right.
J: I know! Now will you do it!
M: I’ll try.
J: Try harder! Now I need to go I have the need to kiss my girlfriend one last time before she becomes my wife.
M: Jason. Thanks this meant a lot.
J: it’s a pleasure and Storm I’ve always got your back you know that right.
M: I do.
J: that’s my line.
M: only tomorrow.
J: may as well practice now!
Storm25 Storm25
26-30, F
Jul 13, 2010