This Sucks :(

Nick is being "re-cycled" meaning he has to restart bootcamp all over again, he was a few days away from phase two :( This is the second set back, his grad date and address are changing for a second time, and i really don't want him to get down on himself about this! The first set back he had was in the first week at PI he got injured, and was set back about a week and a half, so he restarted with a new PLT and all; Then (now) a few days away from phase two, his Company Commander called his mom and said that Nick was struggling academically and progress wise, so they were planning on starting him over again with a new PLT :((

I cried when i found out from his mom, because this sucks REALLY BADLY! I just hope for him to make it through now with no more set backs, and without getting too down on himself. I've been writing to him everyday, and sending pictures... anyways when i hear more i'll update, but in the meantime any advice or tips? has anyone else had to go through this before?
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thanks Aly, and he's at Parris Island right now...

Hey girl, First I am gonna say i know how bad we all want them to get out of there on time, but they are good reasons that he has been set back. You do not want him pushing on with an injury that could do more damage later on. So take that as a blessing that they are taken care of him in that way. ( i know it sucks because it is later that he will be graduating but try to think that it is best for his health) Maybe write him and really encourage him on trying a little harder in the school part. Keep your head up and try to stay focused on when he will actually be graduating. I know how hard it is. My boyfriend is in bootcamp right now and we have 29 more days. and i pray every day that nothing happens because i dont think i could make it any longer than that (knowing good and well i would but still) Stay strong. keep writing him and pray that he makes it through this time with out any trouble. If you need anything just message me. Also where is he stationed at? <br />
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