Received My 2nd Letter!

I received my second letter from Auston in boot camp yesterday! It was SUPER romantic and he told me he wants to propose when he comes back! I just want to say thank you and you were right to all the girls that said it would get easier. You were completely right! :) Things are moving easier and faster, everything is going great! Now I just want September to be here!! Hope everyone is doing great!
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3 Responses Jul 13, 2010

YAY ! that's super exciting.<br />
haha , my boyfriend said that he wants to propose to me when he gets bacm in September too.<br />
i think it's something in the water or someting , to make them all wanna get married ! but i'm def* not complaining ! lol<br />
but that's super good , girl ! judt keep yer head up and stay super busy and it will be here before you know it (:

Kayla, I am sooo glad to hear that... =) a little faith will get you a long way.. =) Everything will be ok and the time is gonna go by a lot faster than you thought I promise.. Hang in there and be strong and tough.. mentally and physically.. =) <br />
<br />

aww exciting my boyfriend got me a Marine ring its really nice im really happy to hear your doing good with bootcamp it does get easier and family day and grad is the best<br />
<br />
stay strong<br />
<br />