*great Gift Idea:)!

hi you guys!
I know that in the past I've looked on here for ideas for things to go into my carepackages for my hubbs and i thought I'd share my great find with you ladies!

The Nook at barnes and noble (it is a bit expensive, some are 100 others are 200dollars), it's one of those thin computers that can upload up to 350 books, some are 3g some are 4g, the one I got for Jason has wiFi also.

Jason is a really big reader (of dragon books might I add) and mentioned that the main thing he hates ab deploying is that he cant bring a bunch of books with him.


I bought him this ridiculous thing and he went CRAZY!
he loves it.

anyway, i thought it was a great idea for anyone who has a deployed significant other or someone who might be on the verge of their deployment!:)
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that is awesome! i might should figure out something similar and do that before he deploys!

Hey those are great! I got AJ a kindle which is similar but just as cool he was literally over the moon lol