His Family Hates Me, And Graduation Is In October

First off i want to say thank you to the girls who's been commenting on my lil stories because you guys helped me alot

So what's going on now is.. My boyfriend is in bootcamp in San Diego, and he left on Monday. Before he left he told me that his PT Sargent says that he's graduating in October.
And after reading all these graduation experiences the girls had gone through, I made the decision that I am goin to go no matter what. But what's the hard thing is: It costs 524 dollars to go on plane, or 254 to go on a bus. Plus, I have to rent a hotel and that'll be like 200-300 in total for the hotel fee.
I would rather ride with his family, because eeryone knows that'll be so much cheaper. But... His family hates me. Why? Because they're REALLY strict, and they don't like girls like me who likes to have fun. (I don't party or anything bad. Fun as in like... Taking a wal-mart cart off the street and riding it. They saw me and my bf doin that and they though it was babaric)
plus, my mom has a mental syndrome called Munchausen Syndrome Proxy, which is where people likes to make themselves look bad by going to hospitals and pretending to be sick, or making their child look sick... And that's what my mom did to me.
My mom has called his family out of nowhere and said horrible lies about me. I don blame her, because it's not her fault but his family doesn't know anything and they believe everything what she says.

So now.. They think I'm some kind of terrible, violent person who needs help or something.
So yeah... Idk how to go to graduAtion.. I'm only 16 btw and it'll be hard to get the money unless I try asking his parents but I'm too scared..

Btw my bf took a small pocket sized notebook to keep my adress in... Do u think the Sargent at bootcamp threw it away? I haven't gotten a letter from him yet and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm supposed to write him first which is gay because I don't know his address unless I call his mom:/
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I agree with the other 2 girls, get the address. And with the graduation thing.. I would totally try to go. I'm only 16 as well and my boyfriend graduates from Parris Island in September and I can't go and the only person I've met in his whole family is his mom who doesn't want to take me down there anymore. He has divorced parents and siblings who all live out of state so I'm screwed there too. But definitely try to go no matter what, I went to my brother's Marine graduation and it's amazing. Message me if you ever need anything. Stay strong.<br />
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Semper Fi. <br />
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- Sierra.

It sounds to me like his family does not know you at all. I agree with paigerina, just call his mom and get the address it'll be a good icebreaker and you should get coffee and talk with her show her who you are really and explain about your mom and let her know how serious you are about going. I know your scared and it'll be awkward but it'll make it 100x better at graduation because he'll feel forced to split his time between his family and you and he'll be forced to see his family cause they have the car. Yea you'll regret it if you dont.

Just call his mom. Get his address, write him first...... Ask his mom out to coffee or something and explain the syndrome your mom has, and then explain that you never wanted to be on her bad side or for her to think you were crazy.. then explain to her who you are... not who she thinks you are. You can't get a hotel if you're 16... so you might as well ride with his family. It'd be weird to go all alone and be at graduation all alone. You'd have to see his family there anyway and they'd probably be like WTF if you went alone... and then it'd be weird because you'd have to go your separate ways there and then they'd fight for your boyfriend/their son's attention or something stupid.. So just suck it up, explain everything to her... be calm, be mature, suck up to her lol. DO IT. you'll regret it if you don't.