I Should Be So Happy

i should be thrilled that my boyfriend is back for ten days but it s ucks i know he wants to spend time with his friends ok thats fine buti want alone timewith him and he says we always end of hanging out with someone else and we basically got into a huge fight and before that he barely texts me when im home but yet when we are together hes always texting and shi and we also got into a fight about him and other girls and we have problems and ive lost trust but ive tried so hard  to trust him but right now i cant cuz he seems so fishy and shady i feel horrible last night we got stuck in traffic basically a parking lot on a highway and he was pissed and didnt even talk to me about it he was just texting his friends and it pissed me off and i asked him if we are ok and hes like idk i cant think straight ughh its making me upset cuz i feel like hes change and ive tried to talk to him but he always gets mad im just so damn frustrated cuz hes like they get us a hormone shot so he basically has no sex drive and its making me frustrated i mean 3 months and even 10 days im just afraid hes getting it from some where else cuz hes not affectinate but i mean cmon its been 3 months ive even tried to convince him to just try it atleast i just hope hes not becomming a *** and im scared hes going to break up with me becaue he just dosent seem to like me he says i love you but when we are alone hes always on the phone  ( i know hes back for ten days and wants to hang  with ppl) but weve hung out with everyone saw everyone  i just want my alone time with him and he doesnt even text me that much  like right now he was one facebook and i texted him nothing and it been happening since the second day he was here and im just stuck i love him  im happy and i wanna get rid of this problem but its really hard when hes being this way to me  and i basically just wanna cry i dont wanna break up with him because he does make me happy in aspects but our realtionship seems to just be ehh and hes being very stubborn and i feel like he hates me from talking to him and getting stuck in traffic   i feel like hes changed with me and i feel like a terrible gf  and it makes me so sad im up at 700 am and apprently so is he but he doesnt text me and when i see him hes always on the phone and i cant talk to him abourit anymore cuz ive already said my peice im just stuck and it seems like bullshit cuz its 10 days  and i wanna make him happy but its our realtionship  and i wanna make things work but hes so damn subborn that its hard to talk to him cuz hes just intimdating but i do talk to him i jus t hope hes not cheating on me and lying to me about that hormone shot and that he doesnt want to dump me  i hop e you ladys can help and ps are realtionship is weird and i dont wanna try and explain it sooo thanks ladys


OH PS i know he just came frm bootcamp  and i understand that he has changed but this change idk if i like it or maybe im just frustrated with the whole no sex ****
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well im sry to inform you but theres a nother story i wrote im not his girl anymore im done and hes hurt me way to much so im done sry ladies have a great day and good luck with your guys<br />
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Hi sweetie. Reading your story broke my heart. They dont give hormone shots to the boys at boot camp.They dont ever give them. I d/k why yours would say that. When my boyfriend graduated boot, he definetly changed, he was very quite, cussed a lot when he did talk! And wasnt very affectionate with me at first, but a few days l8er, he made a total u turn and told me all these sweet things and we made love that night, 3 times actually... i dont want to hurt you even more, but it just doesnt seem right to me. But everybody is different. I'm guessing he went to mct already and then he has to go to his MOS whatever the case is just stay strong. He might just feel strange. 3 months without being in the real world is difficult. Its your job to stay strong and stick behind your man. I hope everything gets better for you. Stay strong and stay semper fi!

mk we are talking and yeah idk but ive read signs to know he still loves me and cares about me dont get me wrong hes a wonderful man down under that hard exterior i think bootcamp messed my boyfriend up because hes kinda cockier and thinks civilans are all disgusting it hurts me i mean yeah there are some gross ppl out there but im deffently just giving him time we spent today together for almost alone but he was bored so he was on his phone and **** trying to find things to do with ppl so it was like ehh but i tryed to stay postive im just so nervous about this lifestyle and us i am independent and strong i just wish so many things were better

They don't give "hormone shots" at bootcamp. Here is a list of shots they get: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/theorderlyroom/l/blvaccinations.htm

Hey girl, I have not been through this I do not know what this is like. My boyfriend and i live together so i know when he gets home we will have our alone time. But i see where that has been a plroblem with you.. I do not know about the hormone shot either. I do not know your relationship or the problems that yall have had in the past so it makes it reallly hard to give you advice. But if what he wants is space then give it to him. Dont text him dont call him and just let him be alone. I know that i hard because it is only 10 days and you want to spend time together but just try. Try to just give him a little while maybe he will cool down. But also this is your life too. and if he isnt making you happy and things aren't working then you gotta put your best foot forward do whatever you feel is right. I hope that he comes around and everything works out. Good luck girl<br />
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