i think it SUCKS how people wish mean things upon our boys in this war.

I was in class yesterday where this lady, who made it very obvious that she has no clue about anything, was talking mad **** about the troops.

saying things like "I've never seen a soldier that was in shape before." .."they're all a ssholes anyway." ..."this war is pointless, **** it and the troops."

by the time she said that last thing I was out of my seat asking her to please stop. "My boyfriend is deploying yet AGAIN very soon, my best friends husband is overseas right now, please dont say things like that and wish bad things on these boys. you do not have to support the war, thats fine, but atleast you can support the boys who DO believe in this cause and are fighting for everyone, even YOU who doesnt seem to care or be greatful."

i can not BELIEVE that people say things like this.
i love my boyfriend so much, he's doing what he believes is right every effing day for us, even for people like THAT who dont appreciate it.
it makes me sick.
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Its rude. It's like they are out there fighting for us. For America. And then we have the horrible people here wishing the worst on them

people are so hateful. <br />
and it baffles me that people dont get military etiquet. never ever ask someone if they;ve killed someone or see someone die.<br />
jason is a SNIPER. <br />
I'm not an idiot, i know that he has killed people. Its not something that I bring up though, if he ever wanted to talk to me about it then i would listen.<br />
ugh. people are retarded

This girl that my boyfriend and I used to be close with, when she got mad at him she told him that she hopes he dies in Afghanistan.. I started crying so hard. To wish that upon someone is one of the worst things anyone could do.

This girl that my boyfriend and I used to be close with, when she got mad at him she told him that she hopes he dies in Afghanistan.. I started crying so hard. To wish that upon someone is one of the worst things anyone could do.

Oh my freaking god. I wouldn't have been right up in her face with you!! Uncalled for... I have a temper, and military haters tend to trigger it hahahah.

Oh god I know! I HATE that. I don't care if people believe in the war or not, but there are men over there doing what they think is best just so all of these unappreciative people can stay safe. They make huge sacrifices and some people just dont seem to get it....<br />
Other people are just plain dumb. I get asked often if my boyfriend has killed anyone or been blown up. Ive had quite a few people tell me that things are getting worse over there and that all it takes is one bullet and he'll be gone. Who is dumb enough to tell that to the girlfriend?! I know I should be used to it by now, but it just shocks me every time. I once had a teacher of mine ask if he saw a lot of "blood and guts" in Iraq! I was so angry at her my jaw just dropped and I had to walk away otherwise I would have been telling a teacher off. If she had been ANYONE but my teacher....<br />
I feel like we are always on guard ya know? It's like we're super-sensative to people when they're talking about the war and we can always spot people out who are talking about it. Before I started dating my marine I probably wouldnt have heard half of the conversations I have, but now I notice EVERYTHING to do with the military, I pay extra attention in class when it's about the war, and I'm the first to see a marine corps sticker on a car. haha oh the life of a military girlfriend...

I know exactly how that is. I tell people off in school all the time because they say Marines don't do anything and that they are just the first to get shipped off to die, etc. I freak out and everyone looks at me like I'm some psycho but when my boyfriend is going to be a Marine soon, who VOLUNTEERED for this job.. it just triggers something off in my head and I flip out. And my brother, who is my own blood is a Marine and that really makes me mad when they talk bad about them. They don't do what our boys do, so they have absolutely no room to talk about them because they are not over there fighting this war, our FAITHFUL MEN are. Sorry for the venting but it irritates me just as much as it does all the other girls. :)<br />
<br />
Semper Fi <3<br />
<br />
- Sierra.

exactly:) <br />
and trust me, your time will come when some drunk *** hole comes along and decides they know whats best for our country and you'll have no choice but to defend our boys and your man! it does feel nice sticking up for jason but it also makes me really sad bc he really is fighting for something that many ppl dont know about or care about. When ppl start saying retarded things i always think about jason and the night terrors that he has, the bad dreams that he gets from seeing his friends die and me waking up because he's had flashbacks and freaks out in the middle of the night.<br />
it SUCKS. that is ALWAYS the first thing I think about. <br />
i hate people i really do.<br />
i love his with all of my heart and all I can ever do for him is stand by him, defend him like he defends everyone else you know?<br />
marine girlfriends wives fiancees, whatever are a totally different breed.a rep of being ********, whatever. Jason is not an ******* to me so thats all that matters.<br />
I will defend him and every marine, army soldier, air men, whatever until the day that i die.<br />
everyone else can kiss my tiny a s s.<br />
i feel like we take so much crap, for some reason marines have

It makes me really mad too. You both are awesome girls, i have not personally had the chance to tell an ***hole off like that.. but believe me the second i hear something like that i will be all over them just like yall... These are our men that are and are going to be protecting this country and i think that if people cant support them then they need to go fight against them. I highly doubt anyone wants to do that. You go girls... <br />
<br />
I also get **** all the time why are you gonna wait for him you are only gonna get hurt. Stupid stuff like that.. but you are right they have NO IDEA.... and they will never understand so i just dont even listen anymore... it isnt worth it i love my man and no one and no distance can change that. <br />
Yall stay strong. <br />
<br />
Semper FI<br />
<br />

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annnnnnnnnd<br />
<br />
yes, I hear it a lot ppl at work will ask for my number and when i tell them I have a boyfriend sorry, they say well who is it i might know him and when i say well you dont he lives in California they proceed to tell me that i 'dont have a real boyfriend bc hes so far away and a MARINE and marines arent faithful'<br />
<br />
so yes, i get a lot of grief from ppl everyday too, and now that jason and I decided that we want to procreate Im getting even more sh it from ppl bc hes about to deploy again. we cant expect anyone else to understand our situation. i dont even really argue anymore i just shake my head and sy 'well u just have no idea'

haha yes i do believe we should haha feel free to email me anytime. i pretty much live on here lately since zack has been gone

you go girl!<br />
we should be friends!:)

amen sister!!<br />
zack is over seas right now and just yesterday i was in the dr office and you know they always have it on CNN or something like that. (well before i start keep in mind i have gooten an email from zack everyday since he has been gone for the past 5 weeks and i havent heard a word from him in almost 4 days)<br />
but CNN was talking about 12 soliders dead just kept going on. i was getting pretty tore up i try not tot watch the news on the war just because it upsets me. but this MAN 2 seats down from me had the nerve to say "SERVES THEM RIGHT!" before i knew what i was doing i was up out of my seat and right in front of him. and i said "i dont know who the hell you think you are but my boyfriend and best friend is over there right now. and has been for a month. he left his home and family and friends over here to go fight in a hell hole for ppl like you who dont deserve to live freely. idc if you support the war or not but if you dont feel free to go live in afgan with them. or iran. and have your rights taken away and maybe then you would understand why our boys are over there." <br />
it pissed me off so bad. NO ONE deserves death that is over there. i know all gave some but some gave all. but it was for this great land we live in. <br />
sorry this is just my pet peeve.