Hey, I just got a letter from my boyfriend and I was wondering if the drill instructors read the letters we write to them?
He mentioned something like it was okay if I wrote mushy stuff, because they just have to do pushups.
But I'm a compulsive researcher, and everything I've read said that the drill instructors only look at the outside of the envelopes.
But gosh, that makes me feel really awkward if they're reading my letters.
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ooh yea if they read i and something is in there like mlima32 said the will ssoooo make fun of them for it

hahaha<br />
oh boy.<br />
my boyfriend put one of the letters i sent him in his rack and you aren't allowed to keep it in there<br />
and so they read the letter out loud<br />
and i call him tigger<br />
soooo, from then on<br />
he was called recruit tigger<br />
recently one of the guys he went to bootcamp with last summer added him on facebook and wrote "TIGGER! how's it going dude?"<br />
and i cracked up.

my husband never said anything to me about mine

they can read them! but most of the time they don't. mine said that he had to do push ups for my letters, because he got so many lol

thanks:)<br />
I'm just kinda freaked out now.

I don't think they actually do unless it's like a care package or something like that. My boyfriend hasn't mentioned anything like that to me and him and I write that cute stuff all the time. But some DI's will just to mess around with them I would hope. I'm really not sure, haha.