Boyfriend Leaving For Boot Camp Earlier Then Expect, Need Some Advice Please!

me and my boyfriend have been together 9 and half months. He was suppose to leave in october for boot camp in california but now there is an opening for him to leave earlier. He is leaving for sure next month (August) and will find out a week in advance (or about) before he has to leave. I am emotional but am strong. I will stand next to him and be proud for him for whatever he does. I know it will be hard just writing letters because we talk all the time and see eachother almost everyday. I need some advice and support, thank you so much :)
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been there, DONE THAT. my fiance was suppose to leave in december, he got a call november 1st saying "say your goodbyes, your leaving TONIGHT" i was so sad :/<br />
but it all will work out (:<br />
if you have ?'s feel free to message me

The first week to 2 weeks is the hardest because you can't talk to him but once you get the address you can write him as much as you want and then usually around week 3 you get your first letter which makes everything easier. Time flies by if you keep busy. My boyfriend left in June and we have a month and about 3 weeks left until he graduates. Just make sure you're always occupied by something or someone. And just stay strong. It's really not that long once you get by the first few weeks and once you see him after boot camp, it's definitely worth the wait. Message me if you ever want to talk.<br />
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Semper Fi <3<br />
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- Sierra.

My boyfriend left earlier than expected too. I was told on the thursday before he had to go to the hotel on sunday. We spent one last amazing weekend together and that is one piece of advice that i give is to spend as much time with him as possible. The memories of that weekend are what got me through the first few weeks. Keep busy maybe pick up a new hobby. After awhile it will feel like it is going by faster the first few weeks are probably the roughest. I have a little over 2 weeks left to wait and the 2nd month flew by. And write to him, i write a letter every day it not only helps him but i feel that it helps me too. If am on here all the time if you need anything. <br />

hey girl ! yeh , it's going to be hard. and the first couple weeks yer going to think that you could die. but then , about 2-3 weeks in , you'll start getting those letters and it won't be as bad AT ALL !it will get easier and easier each day and each time you get a letter. all you gotta do is keep yerself busy. what i do to keep myself busy is CLEANCLEANCLEAN ! my room has never been so clean , lol. or you could plan shopping trips with yer friends , or vacations , anything with yer friends and it won't even seem like it will be 3 months ! the time will fly by and then when you see him again , the wait will have been SO worth it ! i promise ! it'll be okay , girl. just don't let them first 2 weeks get to you. that was my problem , but then i started getting letters in , and now i'm already on month 2 ! just keep busy , keep yer mind off it , and keep yer head up. stay strong and everything will be okay (:<br />
if you ever need anything , i'm here to talk to , you can message me whenever you need to ; i'm on here everyday ! <br />
Semper Fi <3