What To Wear?? :)

so i haven't been on here in a verrryy long time.. but since i have been on some good things happened...
I FINALLY recieved a letter from my boyfriend whos in bootcamp and i feel alot bettter now that i am not so anxious about recieving them. They really help and i have been writing alot. But recently, i found out that his familiy is driving down to Parris Island for his graduation and they invited me to come.. so on september 23rd i will be down in South Carolina for Family Day & then the next day the actual graduation... but ladiess.. i need help!!!
What am i supposed to wear to Family day & graduation.. are they both formal? like i need help.... :) any suggestions are welcome

& Semper Fi <3
hannahfitz hannahfitz
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

OH MY GOSH ! our guys are graduating the same day ! both at Parris Island ! girl , message me ASAP ! we gotta talk ! YAYYYY !!

family day isn't formal at all. almost everyone will have a support shirt on, you should get one.<br />
they all say "my son/daughter/brother/boyfriend is a US Marine"<br />
stuff like that, you can buy one in the PX store on base if you have time.<br />
i wish i woulda known that when i went...<br />
then on graduation its more formal. it'll still be nice there, so get like a cute summer dress. (:<br />
i just wore jeans & a nice shirt bc i went in Jan and it was cold. but i didn't stand out or anything.<br />
have fun it's greaat!