This Sucks! Advice?

Alright, so today i finally get back home from los angeles. I get and the car and my mom hands me a letter from Sean {my boyfriend} and says i have 3 more at home. A total of 5 letters. The first one i read said that he was sick. He's sick, my baby is sick and i'm not there to take care of him like i usually do :'(. Next i finally get home, and i get to read the other three. He was so sweet. They said he needs my support because he cant do it without me. He said he got his gun, and he named it "Hannah" after me :) I felt so F***ING special. He also sent me a 3 page letter, it included a flowery leaf thing that he picked for me. He also told me to promise him to never leave him, and to promise to not cheat on him. Of course i promised. He also asked if i was proud of him, OF COURSE I AM! He asked me if i was going to come to his graduation. The problem is i cant. I do NOT have enough money for plane tickets, food, hotel, and transportation. It hurts to say "hey sean i can't come to your graduation" He PLEADED for me in the letter to come, and i cant. i feel like SH*T. I'm debating on watching "Dear John", but i know im going to cry. I really dont know how to deal with the next 2 months. I miss him so much, i can hardly stand it. I just want to go into a deep coma, and not wake up until he gets home. I just really don't know what to do with myself.
any advice??
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Okay, I think it's great that you got letters. After you start to get them you just feel so happy and things start to go by a lot faster. Also.. as much as it's hard to not tell him you can't go, it's so much better not to. You don't want to tell him ANYTHING that will disappoint him. He needs to keep his morale high. Also.. I recommend not watching Dear John. I've seen the movie twice and both times were with my boyfriend. The first time I cried in the movie theater and the second time I cried in his arms. Not a good idea.. and my boyfriend's name is John so you can only imagine how that was. But just keep him motivated to get everything done and to push through it and just remind him constantly that you're there by his side no matter what and that he'll be able to come home to you. Stay strong, I'm here if you need to talk. <br />
<br />
- Sierra.

okay , first thing.. DO NOT watch dear john. it will only make you sad and make you worry about him more. second , i think that you should just tell him that you can't go and tell him why and maybe he can think of something to help you get to come. yeh , the letters are GREAT ! and they make everything ALOT better. don't worry , the time will go by fast and soon you'll be begging him for time apart :P lol.<br />
but no , ferreal , don't do anything to make you sad.. it will feel like its taking forever if yer sad , i promise. just keep yer head up and everything will go fast !

I know how you feel i had to write that letter too telling my boyfriend that i couldn't come to his graduation because the next few weeks im not even sure where i am going to be so despite the fact that he has said in all the letters he wrote me that he really really really wanted me to go. I feel terrible that i can't be there for him and that i had to tell him in a letter. Im sure that everyone tells you to keep busy and truthfully that is really good advice. Maybe pick up a new hobby like i crochet and sew to pass the time. If you need anything i am on here all the time. im kim.