A Little Worried

Hey everyone!
 So overall things are going pretty good, this past week i didn't really get to talk to my bf ( who is in japan) and sometimes that happens and i't's not completely out of the ordinary, but what was weird is that he called me last night and left me a voicemail. When i didn't hear from him during the week i thought that something must have been up, but i didn't really worry about it.  but in his voicemail he said the "he had a story to tell me" and he sounded pretty down and worn out. I was suppose to hear form him this morning but never did, i'm just wondering if he's telling me something that's going to affect us or if something crazy just happened during the week. he didn't sound like his normal self, so it just got me thinking. it seems like there is never a "routine" with him. like something weird or crazy happens every week. I don't know, i guess that's the marines for you.
usmcgirl42 usmcgirl42
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

my bf is also in japan and i have been so worried that im the only one who doesnt ,hear from someone over there consistently, sometimes we txt all day then there are others times i dont hear from him for days but i still txt so he knows im thinkn of him. and when he finally calls im so happy. i was just concerned cuz we talked or txted so much b4 and lately its only every few days, im trying my best to be patient because he is in class. i wouldnt worry too much(i know its hard) its probably just something that has him stressed and he wants to talk to you to cheer him up. ps dont you hate when you miss his calls!? i get so mad at myself if i miss a call because i cant call him back.